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Here's some odds and ends that are wrapped up in newspaper and stuffed into old fruit boxes with CRAIG'S STUFF written on the side in black marker pen and taped shut.

The old top bits
In previous versions of FFF there were different masthead-type thingies at the top of the page. It took me a long time to draw them, so here they are again.

The first version of Flip Flop Flyin'
Way back in 1999, I bought a book called Teach Yourself HTML by Mac Bride. I read it, and goddammit, I taught myself HTML. I put these new skills to use creating a few web pages which I entitled Flip Flop Flyin'. This is that first version of FFF re-presented for your 'enjoyment'.

Uncle Rumsfeld
Think back, if you will, all the way back to around the time when the US and it's ridiculously-named Coalition Of The Willing were invading Iraq. Every time I saw Donald Rumsfeld's pickled face trying to persuade people that he and his evil cronies weren't murderous fuckers, I wanted to drag him out of the TV set and start kicking him in the head until policemen dragged me off to prison and funeral directors put Rumsfeld's battered corpse in the back of one of their vans. Instead of doing that, I just re-wrote Humpty Dumpty in Rumsfeldese.

FFF cup final
Just a bunch of the toys that were on my shelf, stop-motioned into a football match.

27 squares
A bunch of animated GIFs that used to grace the "splash" page that FFF had, all using 27 squares arranged into 3x3 squares and garnished with various forms of blinking, wobbling, flashing, growing, contracting, changing colour, etc.

24 hour Billie Jean
A small animation of a tiny part of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean video slowed down to last for 24 hours. Yes, it's a stupid idea.

FFF family portrait
Big picture of virtually all the characters on the website up til some point in 2003.

Autumn turning to window outside my window.

I am left-handed. So are the people who do LEFThandSIDE. This is just a little something I did for their website.

Cheap still lifes
Like the title suggests, quickly-drawn still lifes.

Rock ending
The problem with a website is there's no rock ending. When you're at a Velvet Revolver concert you get a good rock ending. I want some of that.

A million things
I was in a queue outside the Fernsehturm in Berlin on a cold Saturday night, waiting for a fashion show to open. Now, I'm not really into fashion shows if truth be told, but I promised I'd go, so I went. Except the advertised start time was woefully optimistic. As my feet got colder, it entered my brain that there were a million things I'd rather be doing than queuing in the cold to see pouty models wearing ugly clothes.
So I started a list. I never did think of a million things, but here's eighty things.

FFF Boy fake nude
There was a time on the Internet when you couldn't move for spam about fake nude pictures of Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears. FFF Boy, the then-star of the FFF 'show,' got in on the act.

This section contains, who'd have thought it?, a bunch of Polaroid photographs.

Mmm... Kaiser's, I love you
This was a little anonymous site I did for a couple of months to get rid of my supermarket rage. It worked quite quickly so I stopped doing it.
But I've still got the rage. Aaah!

Neptune's kingdom
Not much really, just something that used to live at the bottom of the FFF homepage from October 2001 til March 2003.

Receipt thing
Celebrating those who serve us with, or without, as is often the case, a smile.

Rave Hasselhoff
Big Dave reviewed some records for FFF in 1999. And teased us, too.

Occasionally asked questions
An old FAQ thing.

Some old logos
I keep changing my mind. Just like Pepsi.

Downloads (Flip Flop Flyin' love you)
Wallpaper, icons and a print-out truck. Maybe you might want to use them.

Some old banners
If you've found your way this deep into FFF and you want to link to the site, maybe you might want to use a banner.