DRAWINGS > Terry's arms

Okay, I guess I should explain what's going on here, right?

Well, it all started when I took photos of some old baseball cards that I bought at the SkyDome and put the photos up on my Tumblr page. Bill Hanstock (@sundownmotel) commented, "good lord what is happening with Terry Francona's hands and bat on that card." I'd not even noticed that before. Here's a closer look.

Bill, Mauricio Rubio (@MRubio52), and I had a brief discussion on Twitter which ended up with me being double dared and triple dared to remove the arms and bat from the card in Photoshop, and paint them back in, using my not-amazing painting skills. (Twitter conversation Storified here.) Thus, the above image.

Rather than using actual paint, though, I imported the photo of the card into the iPad app, Brushes, and painted them in there. The first sketch of arms and bat that I roughed in over the photo is what I used. I didn't work on things to get the arms more accurate. I figured it might be funnier to do them badly.