The favourite player of a lot of people, including me. (Mar 19)
Jon Lester as snowman
During game 5, it occurred to me, that when he's wearing home whites and he's not got his cap on, Jon Lester looks like a snowman. (Oct 16)
Cachorros de Chicago
A pixelly version of papel picado. (Oct 16)
John Lackey and Andrew Miller
Drawn during Game 4. (Oct 16)
Jake Arrieta
He's a big boy. (Oct 16)
Quick thing I did with a pixel art app on my iPad. (Oct 16)
Between the poles 2
Reworking a drawing from a couple of years ago. (Sep 16)
Warning track
I had this idea to try and do something Rothko-ish and baseball-y. This is what happened. (Sep 16)
Sexy baseball
NSFW, I guess. (Sep 16)
MLB map
Not as useful as a real map. (Jun 16)
AT&T clouds
Mindlessly doodling, really. Nothing deeper than that. (Jun 16)
Batting practice
Early for a Diablos Rojos game. (Jun 16)
Blue Jays at Rangers
Brawlin'. (Apr 16)
Beer and a dog
A drawing of an invented spring training scene. (Apr 16)
The man. (Jan 16)
Dodger Stadium
Yet another drawing of that stadium. (Jan 16)
Prince Fielder
Quick drawing of a photograph. (Jan 16)
Nude with red sox
Not actually NSFW. (Jul 15)
Baseball pals
A drawing of three friends and me. (May 15)
Jeff Karstens II
Drawing that I did in April 2012, but for some reason, didn't put online. Rectified. (May 15)
Dodger Stadium
Done in a pixelly Huichol style. (Apr 15)
The bit of grass and sand where baseball is played. (Mar 15)
In March, when the season's about to begin, even the thought of this is a little thrilling. (Mar 15)
60 feet deep
An infield, sunken. (Dec 14)
A nice block of baseball
I like the idea of a sculpture made of a big block of eraser rubber. (Dec 14)
Ballpark on stilts
Climate change and that... (Sep 14)
Sometimes pitching must be tiring. (Sep 14)
Between the poles
The areas of baseball fields between the foul poles. (Sep 14)
On the moor
...there's a baseball game. (Sep 14)
Scratchy drawing of a player
Quick sketch. (Sep 14)
An island where a baseball-like sport is played
External link to NotGraphs. (Aug 14)
Cleef Van Lee
Wordplay. External link to NotGraphs. (Aug 14)
The Curse of the Chicago Cubs
Poor goat... External link to NotGraphs. (Aug 14)
Dodger Stadium
Drawn with my weaker right hand. (Aug 14)
Baseball game
At night. (Aug 14)
Pencil sketches
Tiger Stadium, AT&T Park, and Sandy Koufax. (Aug 14)
Foro Sol
The soon-to-be-former ballpark of the Diablos Rojos. (Aug 14)
Saw photo, thought of something, drew it. (Jul 14)
Some ballplayers
Doodling in bed. (Jul 14)
There's a village on the infield grass
That exactly. External link to NotGraphs. (Jul 14)
Volcano field
Making the most of an extinct volcano. (Jul 14)
3D player
Playing around with 3D software. (Jul 14)
Nobody in particular, just a guy. (Jul 14)
Baseballizing the World Cup
If you are sick of the World Cup, here's some newspaper photos of football players made into baseball players. External link to NotGraphs. (Jul 14)
Dodger Stadium
And one more. (Jul 14)
Dodger Stadium
Another one. (Jul 14)
Dodger Stadium
An ink drawing and a digital drawing based on that ink drawing. (Jul 14)
18 paintings of ballparks
All the MLB parks I've ever visited. External link to NotGraphs. (Jul 14)
Summer 2014
The animated GIF. External link to NotGraphs. (Jun 14)
"¿Tacos, güero?"
Some drawings of vendors at Mexico City's ballpark. External link to NotGraphs. (Jun 14)
Drawing done for a Carson Cistulli post regarding real, not fake, baseball films. External link to NotGraphs. (May 14)
Snow globe
What it says. External link to NotGraphs. (May 14)
Paving Slab Field
Seeing diamonds all around. External link to NotGraphs. (May 14)
Drawing of baseball players
This includes six versions of the same drawing. External link to NotGraphs. (May 14)
Big José Altuve portrait
A more than life size digital drawing. External link to NotGraphs. (May 14)
Fibonacci Fields
The outfields get bigger and bigger. External link to NotGraphs. (April 14)
Window seat, please
I never choose an aisle seat. External link to NotGraphs. (April 14)
The Colossus of Arthur Rhodes
Word play. External link to NotGraphs. (April 14)
La Danse avec Cinq Raúl Ibañezs
Apologies to Henri Matisse. External link to NotGraphs. (April 14)
Pete Rose's Secret Great American Burrow
This is how I imagine he watches Reds games. External link to NotGraphs. (April 14)
The best names in the game
I illustrated a Matthew Kory article on nicknames. External link to Sports on Earth. (March 14)
Kraftwerk baseball uniforms
Their unis over the years. (March 14)
An American in Paris
A drawing of Carson Cistulli, "top" "dog" of top baseball site NotGraphs. External link to NotGraphs. (March 14)
The lighthouse keeper
A wee story. External link to NotGraphs. (March 14)
Ballpark pizza
A drawing done simply because a big slice of pizza is kinda the same shape as a ballpark. External link to NotGraphs. (March 14)
This season's special caps
Not just the fouth of July this year... External link to NotGraphs. (February 14)
One line pitcher
A drawing of a pitcher done with one continuous line. (February 14)
MLB Web site taglines
A guide to the 2014 crop of sites. External link to NotGraphs. (February 14)
Cyclopean pitchers
Not sure why this popped into my mind, but it did. External link to NotGraphs. (February 14)
A-Rod and friends
Vaguely based on a real event. External link to NotGraphs. (February 14)
Walk-off E7
:( (February 14)
Switch-drawing AL parks
Drawing more ballparks with my wrong hand. External link to NotGraphs. (January 14)
Switch-drawing NL parks
Drawing ballparks with my wrong hand. External link to NotGraphs. Wee bonus: a color switch-drawing of Dodger Stadium here. (January 14)
Reconfigured Fenway Park
If owned the Red Sox, I'd sneak the left wall in a few feet every off-season to make it even more absurd. (December 13)
Right-handed Wrigley
A drawing of the Cubs' park done with my weaker hand
. (December 13)
David Ortiz
Quick drawing on my iPod touch. (November 13)
Day of the Dead
(Baseball teams). (November 13)
Árbol de Béisbol
Tree of baseball history. (October 13)
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Quick doodle. (October 13)
Leaving the Yankee Stadium bullpen for the last time. (September 13)
Safeco Field
IPad drawing of Seattle's ballpark. (August 13)
AT&T Park
IPad drawing of San Francisco's ballpark. (August 13)
U.S. Cellular Field
IPad drawing of one of the Chicago teams' ballpark. (August 13)
Coors Field
IPad drawing of Denver's ballpark. (August 13)
Fenway Park
IPad drawing of Boston's ballpark. (August 13)
Diablos Rojos vs. Rieleros
Another drawing of a baseball game at my local ballpark in Mexico City. (July 13)
Another field
Another doodle. (May 13)
A doodle. (Apr 13)
2013 MLB uniforms
Every team's uniforms, pixel style. Updated. (Apr 13)
Diablos Rojos
Sketches of players training and playing. (Mar 13)
Flip Flop Flyers
If this Web site ran a Little League team... (Feb 13)
Perfect life
For me, anyway. (Feb 13)
Cardinals spring training
I dreamt that the Cardinals had spring training at a disused quarry. (Jan 13)
Terry's arms
His arms erased and re-painted. (Nov 12)
Ballplayer Island
A map. (Nov 12, updated Apr 15)
El Toro
A tribute to Fernando in a Mexican papel picado style. (Nov 12)
The ballad of the Montreal Expos
An animated GIF. (Oct 12)
Jason Motte
I like him. (Oct 12)
A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork
That's the way you spell New York. (Sep 12)
G. H. Ruth
Drawing of a really good player. (Sep 12)
Baseball field on a cliff
I like the idea of this. (Sep 12)
How baseballs are made
A true story in animated GIF form. (Jun 12)
Swinging strike
Quick drawing using the Brushes app for iPad. (Jun 12)
Foro Sol
Yet another drawing of the Diablos' park. (Jun 12)
Foro Sol
Another drawing of the Diablos' park. (Jun 12)
Estadio Eduardo Vasconcelos
Sketch of the ballpark in Oaxaca. (Jun 12)
Pixel diamond
Playing around with the C64 Paint app for iPad. (Jun 12)
Jeff Karstens
Very quick drawing of Jeff Karstens on a Post-it note. (Apr 12)
Detroit Tigers logo cats
Cats collaged together from the Detroit Tigers jersey and cap logos. Miaow. (Oct 11)
Max Scherzer
Super quick and simple drawing of Max Scherzer. (Oct 11)
AL seagull umpire
Not really sure why my brain saw a seagull and thought "umpire" but it did. (Sep 11)
Cleveland Brownlee
Playing left field for the London Majors of the Intercounty Baseball League against Toronto Maple Leafs at Dominico Field at Christie Pits, Toronto. (Sep 11)
Elimination pokeys
Drawing based on a dream I had about creatures representing teams being eliminated from the division races. (Sep 11)
Foro Sol
The cheap seats at the Diablos Rojos del México's ballpark, Foro Sol. (Sep 11)
New York at Toronto
Drawing of Mariano Rivera about to strikeout Yunel Escobar. (Aug 11)
Arizona at Pittsburgh
Drawing based on a photo I took at PNC Park in 2008. (Aug 11)
Indians at Rockies
Drawing based on a photo I took at Coors Field in 2008. (Aug 11)
The scoreboard after a win. (July 11)
Fenway Butterfly
Looking at photos of moths and butterflies, I noticed a similarity. (Jun 11)
Carlton Fisk
If it stays fair... (Jun 11)
Baseball is good
I'm fairly sure we can all agree is on this. (May 11)
Ballpark in the forest (sketch)
Just a doodle, drawn whilst watching a movie in bed; digitally colored later. (May 11)
Foam finger tree
This is where they grow. On a Caribbean beach. It's probably true. (May 11)
Based on a photograph off the Internet. I am obviously not alone in loving seeing Lou go at it with an umpire. (Apr 11)
1846: A Hoboken Odyssey
I watched "Baseball" and "2001" quite recently. (Mar 11)
Reds at Cardinals, 7/17/74
Gibson pitching, McCarver catching, Concepción at bat, Driessen on second. (Mar 11)
Hypotrochoid ballpark
Something tells me no-one will ever build a ballpark that looks like this. (Dec 10)
Just an experiment, using triangles of colour. (Oct 10)
Unfinished Coors Field
An unfinished drawing that, in truth, will never be finished. (Oct 10)
Some owls who are fans of birdy teams discussing the season. (Aug 10)
Oakland A's guy
Sat in a bar in Toronto, I drew this guy, just because I wanted to draw a 1970s A's uniform, really. (Aug 10)
Rural baseball
When I look at this, I try to imagine a Burnsian narration. (Jun 10)
I proudly declare I drew this when I was drunk on a patio in Toronto on a sunny afternoon. (May 10)
Drawn with a pen. (May 10)
Kevin Youkalyptus
Word play at its most basic. (May 10)
Sinkhole at the ballpark
If you're wondering, as I was drawing this, I imagined it being Yankees vs. Angels. (Mar 10)
Ballpark Dude
I'm thinking I should pitch this to Hanna-Barbera or something. (Mar 10)
Playing around with the HTML5 drawing tool Harmony. (Mar 10)
Infinite ballfield
It goes on and on and on and on, until the edge of the drawing. (Jan 10)
Cincinnati Reds guy
Nobody in particular, but I'd just bought a replica of this cap, so ended up doing this drawing, sat in a laundrette in Berlin (Dec 09)
Marc Fidrych
Scribble, scribble, scribble. (Dec 09)
SS, P, 2B
Just some dudes in Yankee unis. Not meant to be Jeter or Cano or anyone. (Nov 09)
Drawn while drunk, watching game 6 of the 2009 World Series at around 3 a.m. CET. (Nov 09)
Masochistic Mets fan
I think I'd read an article in the NY Times about Mets fans during the 2009 World Series. Or something like that. (Nov 09)
The big fella. (Sep 09)
James Shields
Drawn from a photograph I took at a Mariners-Rays game. (Jun 09)
Old Yankee Stadium
I think I'd spent too much time looking at baseball-themed folk art when I drew this. (Mar 09)
Pirates fan
Saw this guy sat waiting in an emergency room in Mount Vernon, Wa. (Mar 09)
Sandy Koufax
Pretty much the first drawing I did that I was happy with using the iPhone app, Brushes. (Jan 09)
Field of Dreams
A comic strip that was part of a series I did for a German Web site. (Nov 08)
Drawn in Photoshop, using a mouse. It took quite a long time. And stupidly, I did it at quite a low resolution. (Oct 08)
Kevin Youkilis
I really like Youk. I'm no Red Sox fan, but I love how everything about him looks like he shouldn't be as good as he is. (Oct 08)
Prenzelberg Piranhas
My old softball team; I made this as an end of season gift for my team-mates. (Sep 07)
Some Yankees
A bunch of late-night drawings done whilst watching the NY Yankees playing live on a three-inch-wide Windows Media Player window. (Oct 05)
David Ortiz
Quite a bad drawing, but it's here to remind myself to try harder. (Aug 05)