Hermosillo stories

Back in December 2012, Eric Nusbaum and I had an idea: to go to the Caribbean Series in Hermosillo, in the northern Mexican state of Sonora, and write (him) and draw (me) about the series.

We ran the idea by Emma Span at Sports on Earth, and they were interested in publishing what we came up with. Lovely. Flights booked, a place to stay arranged, and press credentials were organised. Eric and I took the two-ish hour flight from Mexico City to Hermosillo to spend four days watching baseball, meeting great people, and eating carne asada.

We produced a fairly decent amount of stuff while we were there and after we got back, so we figured it might be handy to gather links to everything in one place. That place is here. And that content is listed below.

Hope you enjoy it.
February 14, 2013

The dispatches for Sports on Earth

Eric and I collaborated on five dispatches that were published more-or-less daily during out time in Hermosillo. It was a fun and interesting process for both of us, something neither of us had done before. Some things were drawings that suggested topics for Eric to write about, and other times Eric has something he wanted to write and I would find an appropriate thing to draw.

The individual dispatches:
Feb. 4, 2013: Welcome to the Caribbean Series
Feb. 4, 2013: Hermosillo Stories
Feb. 6, 2013: Integrated Marketing
Feb. 7, 2013: Fear and Remembrance in Mexico
Feb. 8, 2013: Goodbye to Hermosillo

If you'd rather read all of those as one long article, you can do so here.

Eric and I chatting about our trip on the FanGraphs Audio podcast

Within an hour of arriving back in Mexico City, feeling tired and a bit giddy from having such a good time, Eric and I sat down in front of Eric's laptop and had a talked via Skype with Carson Cistulli on the FanGraphs Audio podcast.
Link: FanGraphs Audio episode 303: Dispatch from the Caribbean Series

Edited "highlights" of our tweets from Hermosillo on Storify

Eric and I (@ericnus and @flipflopflying) tweeted a fair amount while we are there. Lots of it mentions stuff not mentioned in the articles, and we've gathered it all together to make some sort of narrative on Storify here.

My photographs on Flickr

Being that we live in the modern world, with cameras available for a moderate price, I used one.
The results are here.

A short blog post about other stuff

Finally, while Eric is the real writer of the two of us, I like to bloggy blog now and then, and did just that about our time in Hermosillo here.

That is everything. We had a magnificent time at the Serie del Caribe, and in Hermosillo in general. Hope you enjoyed our stuff. I'd highly recommend a trip to see some Liga Pacifico baseball there should you need an injection of baseball in your life during the winter months.