2019 Pride events
Where and when MLB teams will be having Pride nights this year. (Mar 19)
Major League fields
An update to a graphic that I originally made in 2006 of all the fields in the majors. (Mar 19)
Cubs 2016 World Series roster
How the roster was assembled. (Nov 16)
A simple W-L (and one T) of the Cubs's season. (Nov 16)
Tree rings
Data art about baseball history. (Oct 16)
Cubs logo
A very rough thing I did after having the thought in my head all the way through a World Series game. (Oct 16)
2015 World Series rings
Data art about the Royals-Mets series. (Oct 16)
A fairly pointless chart about American sports leagues. (May 15)
Beane's Oakland A's
A look at the history of the A's while Billy Beane has been their GM. Commissioned and initially published by the Bay Area News Group. (Mar 15)
Mark Teixeira
His value, and the value of other players that have been involved in transactions involving Teixeira. (Sept 14)
Derek Jeter
A comprehensive look at his career in chart form. Commissioned by Sports Illustrated. (Sept 14)
Derek Jeter
September 28, 2014. (Not really an infographic.) (Sept 14)
Who's on first?
Super quick graphic re. the Abbott and Costello routine. (Aug 14)
A Bartolo of saffron
Saffron's not cheap. And this is clearly not an infographic. It's a graphic next to some info like so many "infographics" on the Internet these days. (Aug 14)
AT&T Park
A pie chart (Jun 14)
Peter Saville's colour code
The names of the MLB teams written in a colour code designed for New Order record sleeves. External link to NotGraphs. (Jun 14)
Switching the -stons
Houston Red Sox, anyone? (Oct 13)
Balls in logos
A little quiz. (Oct 13)
ALCS game 1
Bottom of the ninth... (Oct 13)
World Series match-ups
How often teams have played each other in the World Series. (Oct 13)
How to dress
A guide for the well-to-do baseball player. (Oct 13)
What if...
... all games were played like extra innings? Originally published at TheScore. (Oct 13)
Indians uniforms, 2013
A breakdown of what they wore. (Oct 13)
Mariano Rivera
His amazing career. External link to Bronx Banter. (Sep 13)
Who's the best at doing baseball?
Comparing WAR with MPV and Cy Young winners. Originally published at TheScore. (Sep 13)
Pittsburgh Pirates
Not losers anymore. (Aug 13, updated Oct 13)
Béisbol en México
The current leagues and teams. (Aug 13)
Baseball players are
Googling baseball players' names. Originally published at TheScore. (Aug 13)
Know your Jarrods
... and Jareds and Jarreds and Jereds and Jerads. (Aug 13, updated Oct 2015)
The Clint Hurdle Palette
Who needs Pantone when you've got Clint Hurdle? (July 13)
15 years on the ballot
Not quite Hall of Famers. Originally published at TheScore. (June 13)
Pedro Martínez
He could throw a baseball. Originally published at TheScore. (June 13)
What would baseball be like with five bases? Originally published at TheScore. (May 13)
George Brett
"When was the last time you shit your pants?" (May 13)
A look at the careers of then-current managers. Originally published at TheScore. (Apr 13)
Opening Day
Some stray stuff. Originally published at TheScore. (Apr 13)
Games without a winner. Originally published at TheScore. (Mar 13)
Serie del Caribe
A super brief look at the Caribbean Series. (Jan 13)
Nick Johnson
He had a career. (Jan 13)
Baseball in Australia
A chart about the recent history of the sport all the way down over there. (Jan 13)
MLB cap insignias
...and their Scrabble points. External link to Old Time Family Baseball. (Jan 13)
Blue Jays draft picks
Looking at their picks between 1996 and 2005. Originally published at TheScore. (Jan 13)
2005 White Sox
Only Paul Konerko remains a White Sock... (Dec 12)
Kevin Youkilis
An anatomical diagram. Originally published at TheScore. (Dec 12)
Goodbye, Yankees
I am now an ex-Yankees fan. Originally published at TheScore. (Nov 12)
World Series game diamonds
A graphic look at what happened. Originally published at TheScore. (Nov 12)
A season boiled down
To seven games. Not an infographic. (Oct 12)
Alex Rodriguez
A very good baseball player. Originally published at TheScore. (Oct 12)
Divisions, 1969 to present
An animated map. (Oct 12)
The World Series
A big chart. External link to Sports on Earth. (Oct 12)
The Championship Series
A big chart. External link to Sports on Earth. (Oct 12)
The Division Series
A big chart. External link to Sports on Earth. (Oct 12)
Every final out of the season
And every walk-off, too. Originally published at TheScore. (Oct 12)
From A.J. Burnett to Z.H. Taylor
Major leaguers who use two initials for their name. (Oct 12)
If wins in the 2012 standings were years
... these would be the presidents. (Oct 12)
The foul lines of MLB
... do not create infinite ballfields. (Oct 12)
Regular vs. postseason
How small a percentage of total games do the playoffs make up? (Oct 12)
Is playoff success...
... affected by when a team clinches? Originally published at TheScore. (Sep 12)
There's a former Yankee
... on every team (except the Astros, Mets, and Royals). Originally published at TheScore. (Sep 12)
Innings pitched
The hardest working pitchers so far this season. Originally published at TheScore. (Aug 12)
Aroldis Chapman
Looking at his 2012 so far. Originally published at TheScore. (Aug 12)
Felix's perfect game
A visual representation of his excellent perfect game. Originally published at TheScore. (Aug 12)
What are you drinking?
If you listen to Baseball Prospectus' Up and In podcast, this will make sense. If not: a) you should, b) it won't make sense. (Aug 12)
Wins Above Replacement
Team WAR so far this season, inc. the players who've contributed the most. Originally published at TheScore. (Aug 12)
Defensive shapes
Not really an infographic, just an experiment. (Jul 12)
2012 Houston Astros
How much of the Opening Day roster remains. (Jul 12, updated Jun 13)
MLB teams' colors
They all use the same shade of black. Originally published at TheScore. (Jul 12)
Barry Bonds
He was amazing. Originally published at TheScore. (Jun 12)
Ray-Nationals game, animated
Another visual representation of a game, this time animated. (Jun 12)
Matt Cain's perfect game
A visual representation of Cain's excellent performance. (Jun 12)
2011 World Series
An experiment, trying to visually represent what happened on the basepaths during a World Series. (Jun 12)
Height of MLB players
Some boys are bigger than others. Originally published at TheScore. (Jun 12)
Web site headers of MLB teams
An analysis with subjective commentary. Originally published at TheScore. (May 12)
Offensive performance
By position, 1992-2011. Originally published at TheScore. (May 12)
20-strikeout games
A simple look at the impressiveness of Clemens' and Woods' 20-strikeout games. Originally published at TheScore. (May 12)
The American League team
Of southern California. Not an infographic, really, just a reference list. (Apr 12)
Jackie Robinson
His career, and the first five years of integration. Originally published at TheScore. (Apr 12)
There's not been a Rube in the majors for 54 years. A chart about all of the Rubes in MLB history. (Apr 12)
Pray for Rain?
Spahn and Sain and the other '48 Braves starting pitchers. (Apr 12)
Setting the tone
Quick, slightly snarky chart. (Apr 12)
Runs scored in MLB history
External link to Smithsonian Magazine. (Apr 12)
Blue Jays Opening Days
A history of. Originally published at TheScore. (Apr 12)
Heading North
Or maybe southwest by west. Originally published at TheScore. (Mar 12)
Pete Rose
He was good at baseball. Originally published at TheScore. (Mar 12)
Justin Bieber
... and the MLB caps worn in his videos. Originally published at TheScore. (Feb 12)
Free agents
Where and when players have signed so far this off-season. Originally published at TheScore. (Feb 12)
Volume of the SkyDome
And how much Stella Artois it would take to fill it. Originally published at TheScore. (Jan 12)
St. Louis Cardinals logos
With proportionally-correct birds and bats. External link to Old Time Family Baseball. (Jan 12)
Just an observation...
Thinking about t-shirts and entrance music. (Nov 11)
Players who wear the number 13. (Nov 11)
Pujols' last PAs
Looking at Albert's each possible last plate appearance as a Cardinal in 2011. (Nov 11)
Organizations 2011
Total wins and losses throughout each team's organization. (Oct 11)
Baseball and some other names
A pretty simple list of names for baseball in other languages. (Oct 11)
Mets and Yankees logos
Just messing around with logos and colours... (Oct 11)
The 2011 playoff teams
Pretty big chart looking at all of the playoff teams. External link to Grantland. (Oct 11)
2011 season playing time
There was, unsurprisingly, a lot of baseball. (Oct 11)
South Philadelphia Sports Complex
Home of the Philles, Eagles, 76ers, and Flyers. (Sep 11)
If things had been...
...just a little different in 1958 (Sep 11)
Winter Leagues in the U.S.
The Arizona Fall League and the three other recent attempts at winter leagues. (Sep 11)
Score Bugs
The on-screen digital graphics of baseball broadcasters. (Aug 11)
The Beatles
And the ballparks they played in. (Aug 11)
What happens when
...you spend too much time thinking about quantifying baseball. (Aug 11)
Know your Thameses
Eric, Marcus, and River. (Aug 11)
International Homers
Hitting home runs over international borders. (July 11, updated Nov 11)
3,000 hits
Looking at Derek Jeter's 3,000 hits. (July 11)
Playing a full All-Star Game
Which players started and finished an All-Star Game? (July 11)
2002 All-Star Game
An attempt to make a messy line-up card pretty. (July 11)
The Boston Reds and Chicago Whites. (May 11)
Roy Halladay
On top of the world. (May 11)
Kansas City Athletics
And their transactions with the Yankees. External link to Baseball Prospectus. (May 11)
The 2010 Nationals rotation
Chart done for Nationals Magazine, the Nats' gameday program. (May 11)
Brian Wilson
Beach Boy or Giant? (Apr 11)
The 2010 Giants rotation
The World Champions. Poor Barry Zito... (Apr 11)
The 2010 Yankees rotation
Last season's Yankees rotation. Cross-posted at River Ave. Blues. (Apr 11)
The 1971 Orioles rotation
Another pitching rotation chart, this time looking at a four-man rotation. (Apr 11)
Manny Ramirez
It may be too early to say, but I'm guessing the Rays will be retiring his number at some point... (Apr 11)
The 2010 Mariners rotation
I randomly picked the 2010 Mariners pitching rotation, just to see how it all works out. (Apr 11)
Home openers
A look at home openers, temperature, and attendance of home openers. (Mar 11)
CC Sabathia
290 pounds of pitcher. (Dec 10)
Postseason schedule
Can you believe the 1954 World Series was over by October 2nd? (Dec 10)
The path to Swisher
How drafting Ricky Ledee eventually lead to the Yankees signing Nick Swisher. (Dec 10)
All-time no. of players
For each franchise, and average no. players per season. (Dec 10)
Great Lakes teams
How often do they all win on the same day? (Dec 10, updated Aug 11)
Either side of the buttons
Team names on the home and road jerseys. (Nov 10)
If payrolls decided...
How would the 2010 season pan out if each game were won by the team with the larger payroll. (Oct 10)
Defensive positioning
In July, I sat dead center at the top of the SkyDome for a game vs. the Twins, and tracked all the defensive positioning. (Oct 10)
No "S"
Just something that bugs me when I go to a game... (Oct 10)
Comparative age of Yankees
Entirely self-indulgent look at the age of Yankee players compared to my age. (Sep 10)
Bobblehead Giveaways
Forget UZR, BABIP, and WAR: this is the important stuff. (Aug 10)
New York Yankees logos
Looking at the variations of the interlocking "NY" logo. (Aug 10)
2004 & 07 Red Sox
After 86 years, two in quick succession. (Aug 10)
1994 Montreal Expos
Meilleure Équipe de Baseball. (Aug 10)
2004 Montreal Expos
The last season's team. (Aug 10)
2001 Diamondbacks
That didn't take them long, did it? (Aug 10)
1992-93 Blue Jays
First African-American manager to win the World Series, first non-U.S. team to win it, too. (Aug 10)
1961 home run chase
Maris and Mantle's home runs, game by game. (Aug 10)
1919 Chicago White Sox
They didn't win that year. (Aug 10)
1907-08 Chicago Cubs
It's been a wee while... (Aug 10)
1985 Kansas City Royals
Assembling and dismantling the Show-Me Series champs. (Aug 10)
1972-73 Oakland A's
Assembling and dismantling the back-to-back-to-back champs. (Aug 10)
A Tigers fan's season
How much of his/her summer would a Tigers fan spend watching his/her team? (Apr 10)
Welcome to Bradenia
An autonomous region of Oakland Athletica. (Apr 10)
The last player on each team to wear number 42. (Apr 10)
Baseball heaven. (Mar 10)
It's not 10% of the baseball population, that's for sure. (Mar 10)
Born in the U.S.A.
Major leaguers' country of birth, 1871-2009. (Feb 10)
The most common surnames in the majors, 1871-2009. (Jan 10)
Home runs & PEDs
A look at the top 25 all-time home run hitters. (Jan 10)
A-Rod's 2010 salary
He earns more than you. (Jan 10)
Celebrating at home
How often does a team clinch the World Series in front of their own fans? (Nov 09)
Starters vs. relievers
Looking at how many innings each team's starting pitchers worked in the 2009 season. (Oct 09)
KC Cowboys 1886 schedule
A map showing the amount of travelling a team did in the 19th Century National League. (Oct 09)
KC Athletics 1959 schedule
A map showing the amount of travelling a team did fifty years ago. (Oct 09)
Professional baseball history
Timeline of the American professional major leagues. (Sep 09)
Team names
An etymological Venn diagram. (Sep 09)
Best record in baseball
How often has the best regular season team won the World Series? (Sep 09, updated Nov 09)
Off days
No. of off days in the regular season vs. post season. (Sep 09)
Taiwanese baseball
What do you mean you don't care? (Sep 09)
Taiwanese baseball map
Surely you wanna know where Wei Chuan Dragons played... (Sep 09)
Turner, MT
Which is the town's local MLB team? (Aug 09)
Interleague play
Which league benefits the most. (Jul 09)
O Canada
How many times have Canadian teams had to listen to another nation's anthem? (Jul 09)
1998 home run chase
A day-by-day look at McGwire, Sosa, and Griffey's home runs. (Jul 09)
Ballcap sticker removal
A helpful tutorial for the youngsters. (Jul 09)
Which ballparks allow it, and which ballparks don't. (Jul 09, updated Oct 09)
Nolan Ryan
Twenty-seven seasons in the majors (Jul 09)
Lefties, righties, and switchies
How many of each on the '09 opening day rosters. (Jul 09)
Hall of Fame
What percentage of major league players get into the Hall? (Jul 09)
Overall strength
A look at whether the leagues have had a few great or crappy teams, or have been fairly strong overall, since 1995. (Jul 09)
Stolen bases
If bases were really stolen, how much money would MLB teams be losing? (Jun 09)
Major League parks
A look at the ballparks and their differences. (Apr 09)
2009 ticket prices
The cheapest and most expensive tickets at every MLB stadium. And how many Rockies bleacher tickets you could buy for the price of the most expensive Yankees ticket. (Mar 09, updated May 09)
The '86 Mets
How long did it take to build and disassemble that World Series-winning team? (Mar 09)
Cleveland Indians
Oh really? (Mar 09)
Ballpark orientation
The direction batters are facing at each MLB stadium. (Mar 09)
Washington D.C.
Exactly how many teams called the Senators or Nationals does one town need? (Mar 09, updated Jun 09)
MLB relocations
Disappointed fans left behind... (Mar 09)
Green Monster
Thirty-seven feet and two inches worth of wall. Exactly how tall is that? (Mar 09)
Kansas City Royals 2009 schedule
A map showing exactly how much flying a Major League baseball team has to do. (Mar 09)
'09 World Baseball Classic
A look at the players involved. (Mar 09)
KBO history
Team relocations, renamings, and champions. (Mar 09)
KBO map
Korean Baseball Organization teams. (Mar 09)
Really fantasy baseball
The Wu-Tang Clan vs. the E Street Band. (Mar 09, updated Jun 09)
After Jackie
How long did it take each team to break the color line? (Mar 09)
Yankees retired numbers
When will they run out of double digit numbers? (Mar 09, updated Jun 09)
Mike Morgan
Pitched for 21 teams for 12 organizations. (Mar 09)
Spring Training
Maps of the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues. (Mar 09)
Kevin Costner
How many baseball films has he been in? (Mar 09)
Home team dugouts
First baseline or third baseline? (Sep 08)
NL & AL history
Timeline of the teams in the majors. (Aug 08, updated Oct 08)
Retired numbers
Every number retired in the majors. (Nov 06, updated Jul 09)
716083 pitches
How far would a line as long as all the pitches in one season stretch? (Oct 06, redrawn Jun 09, corrections made Jul 11)
Distance covered by all base runners during the 2006 season. (Oct 06, re-designed Mar 09)
Major League fields
All the fields in the majors. (Sep 06, updated Mar 09)
Diamonds in Manhattan
Every baseball/softball diamond on the island of Manhattan. (Sep 06)