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languages above are Zulu, Xhoso, and Afrikaans, the three most common of South Africa's eleven official languages. I had to do a fair bit of googlin' to find how to write "World Cup" in Zulu and Xhoso. I can't be 100% sure I did it correctly, so if you speak either of those languages, please let me know if I messed up. Thanks.

While I'm typing words into an HTML document, I might as well say a few words about the teams I've chosen to draw. I started at 1970 for a couple of reasons. It was the World Cup in the year of my birth, and the first one to be broadcast in colour on telly. I very specifically did not want to draw the winners. A lot of the winners would have been fun to draw, but, y'know, it's the taking part that counts, right? So the teams you see are either fairly good, alright, or a bit rubbish.

May 2014