Athletics world records
And how fast the marathon would be if ran at, for example, 100m pace. (Mar 07, updated August 16)
I like playing with identity, especially with sports. This is taking the crests of two rival teams and mixing them up. (Mar 16)
Metric NFL
Come on, America! Join us! (Jan 16)
This is a football
Telstar, always. (May 15)
Three football stadiums
Drawn in a style similar to Huichol beadwork. (Apr 15)
World Cup dates
When during the year each World Cups games have occurred. (Jun 14)
Liverpool F.C. at the World Cup
Players who, at the time, played for Liverpool and represented their country at the World Cup. (Jun 14)
World Cup squads, 2014
Looking at how many players play club football in their home country. (Jun 14)
World Cup kits
A chart about the manufacturers of World Cup kits. (Jun 14)
Relegation, 2010-11
Going into the last day of the Premier League season, two of five teams would be relegated. (Jun 14)
London football teams
Not an infographic, just an animation based on data, specifically the London football teams, and which division they have been in since 1958-59, when the fourth tier was introduced. (Jun 14, updated Jun 15)
Eleven teams from eleven World Cups. (May 14)
Cristiano Ronaldo
Without a face. (May 14)
Lionel Messi
Best player in the world. (May 14)
Premier League 2013/14
A fun season. (May 14)
Liverpool F.C. kits
Fifty-one years of home kits, 1965-2016. (Apr 14, updated May 15)
Wimbledon Men's Singles Final
Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray. (Aug 13)
Premier League sponsors
... and kit manufacturers since 1992/93. (Aug 13)
Liverpool FC
Haven't been English champions since 1990 :( (May 13, updated May 14, May 16)
World Cup players
From Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and Italy over the years. (May 13, updated Jun 14)
What happens to teams when they drop out of the fourth tier of English soccer. (May 13, update May 17)
Ravens vs. Broncos
A first attempt at charting an NFL game. (Jan 13)
The NFL playoffs
External link to Grantland. (Jan 12)
2011 - nothing to see
Metta World Peace's jersey numbers
A wee simple history of his career to date. (Dec 10, updated Nov 13)
2010-11 Premier League kits
Pixel drawings of all the Premier League kits. (Nov 10)
2010 NFL uniforms
Pixel drawings of all the NFL uniforms. (Nov 10)
Tennessee Titians
Yep, that's right. (Nov 10)
English Premier League
History of the current and former Premier League soccer teams. (Sep 09)
Arsenal FC 2003/04
The assembly and disassembly of an undefeated team. (Sep 09)
NFL history
History of the current NFL franchises. (Sep 09)
Soviets & the Olympics
A look at how the break-up of the Soviet Union affected the former members' Olympic medal tallies. (Aug 07, updated Aug 08)
North American cities
The top ten most successful cities. (May 07, updated Jun 09)
Football pitches
Comparing the different codes of football's pitches. (May 07)
Women's sport
A typical man's interest. (May 07)
Squash balls
What the little dots mean. (May 07)
Size comparison of lots of sporty balls. (Mar 07)
Basketball shorts
Then and now. (Mar 07)
Triple Crown of Surfing
A map of the watery venues for these events. (Mar 07)
Tour de France jerseys
What they signify? (Mar 07)
How steep is the bank at a velodrome? (Mar 07)