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April 1, 2011: Diablos Rojos game No.3

Diablos Rojos del México 5 Vaqueros Laguna 9 (12 innings)
7:00pm Thursday March 31, 2011
Time: 4:35
Attendance: 5,862
Weather: very nice; wore a sweater, but wouldn't've been shivering without
Intake: 10 Coronas and a small paper plate of habas

Four hours thirty five minutes... that's more like it. Laguna took the rubber game of the series, and now the Diablos are on the road in Monclova for the weekend. Home stands here seem to typically be for three games only, occasionally six. In a way, that's kinda beneficial for me: the rationing will mean I go to more of their games. And while they are on the road, Foro Sol will be hosting top Colombian sportswoman, Shakira.

This is where she will be playing; just beyond the outfield. Of course, it's very easy to let the mind wander while the players are warming up on the field. It's very easy to let the mind wander to imagining Shakira playing right field. In a baseball uniform. High socks. Doing that little ass-shaking thing after catching routine fly balls.

The mascot was back last night. Unsurprisingly, it's a cuddly devil in a Diablos jersey. He spent a lot of the game hanging around in the crowd, dancing with women. The things you can get away with if you're inside a furry suit... Still no cheerleaders, though.

Jerseys seen in the crowd: a blue Cubs with SOSA on the back; a satin Cubs jackets; ORTIZ 34; a Jeremy Shockey New York Giants jersey; a satin San Diego Chargers jacket, and soccer jerseys of Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and the German national team.

Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll, Part 2" played: 31 times. (Only snippets to get the crowd clapping and shouting "hey!", but it does seem to be used rather a lot).

One big difference here is, as I mentioned before, the lack of a Seventh Inning Stretch. Last night, I found myself standing up and singing it to myself in a quiet, mousy, melancholy voice. But whereas in MLB it's a cue for the beer vendors to stop serving, here they just keep on going. Thus I kept on drinking well into extra innings. And what better companion for some Coronas that a lovely little paper plate of habas with chili and lime squeezed on top? And the beer vendors here all stand at the bottom of the sections. Usually in clumps of three or four. Once you've had one beer, all you have to do is catch their eye, make a "I want beer" gesture, and they come running up the steps with a fresh, cold Corona. It's magic. I do think, though, I need to learn how to do a loud whistle. That'd come in handy at times. Especially for joining in with the crowd whistling at moments like when Laguna left fielder Santiago Gonzalez swung and let the bat go flying into the netting twice in one at-bat.

I kept score again. Did it for the first time ever on Tuesday night, and last night it was a tad more refined. I'm still just using a normal spiral-bound notebook, and it's nowhere near as neat as a proper scorebook, but I am enjoying it. I need to find a way to keep score that avoids using a regular scorebook, though, that also makes it neater and easier for me to follow. I like making notes about the game, not just the scores and plays, so I guess we'll see how that evolves.

Three up three down for both teams in the first and for the visitors in the second. The Diablos got hitting in the bottom of the second. Two singles and a double. Diablos 2-0 up. Top of the third, the Vaqueros (that's Cowboys in English) got one back, Jesus Romo batting it in with a single to right field. His stance is the spitting image of Johnny Damon's, by the way. Even down to the twitchy front foot.

Bottom of the third, Leonardo Heras solo homer to right. When he touched home plate, he kinda swept the dirt of it with his foot. Will have to watch out to see if that's something he always does. 3-1 Diablos. Which is how it stayed until the seventh, when the Diablos third baseman Jose Castillo made an error—his second of the night— and the Vaqueros followed it up with a couple of double and a single to take a 4-3 lead. A lead that was snuffed out with another Diablos home run. The visitors regained the lead in the eighth, after a single, two HBPs loaded the bases, and a walk brought a runner home. Diablos tied it up in the bottom of the ninth.

Which is how it stayed until the top of the 12th. A double, a bunt, a single, a double, another bunt, and a two-run homer. 9-5. The Diablos couldn't reply. Game over. Back on Monday to see them play the Piratas de Campeche.