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June 10, 2011: Muchos hits

Diablos Rojos del México 13 Rojos del Aguila de Veracruz 8
7:00pm Tuesday June 7, 2011
Time: 3:28
Attendance: 4,255

Diablos Rojos del México 20 Rojos del Aguila de Veracruz 9
7:00pm Thursday June 9, 2011
Time: 3:25
Attendance: 5,080

First thing to note: they played "Suedehead" by Morrissey over the PA at last night's game.

I was aiming to go to all three games of this Diablos-Aguilas series, but owing to a stupid stupid little bet I made with myself, the concept of which is entirely ripped off from what Ray Romano's character does on Men of a Certain Age. Around 4pm on Wednesday, I decided that if I got to a certain point in the drawing I was working on, I could go to the game. If not, then I'm be "forced" to watch the Yankees-Red Sox game on the Internet. I was five minutes late in finishing, but I had to stick to my bet. A bet is, as we all know, a bet. Still, mustn't grumble about going to two games in three days, eh?

It was quite subdued at Tuesday's game. The four thousand odd crowd weren't making much noise. In a section above me, there were a group of six Aguilas fans who were making way more noise than the local fans. That kinda flipped, though, once the Diablos came back in the bottom of the third from 4-1 down to tie the game, and in the next couple of innings take an 11-4 lead. The Diablos have been playing well of late. Tuesday's game was their ninth straight win. The Aguilas won on Wednesday ending the winning streak, but the Diablos got back to winning on Thursday. The clock is ticking as I type these words. Heading out of town for the weekend, so rather than form a narrative, write in paragraphs, I'm just gonna continue with a list of notes that I made at the games.

The Diablos came out to "Enter Sandman" on Tuesday. Sadly, there was no Mo.

The tacos de cochinita were really quite tasty.

For batters, I imagine there's much more embarrassing than tossing your bat to take a walk, only to have the ump call you back, for it were a strike not ball four.

I like these weekday evening games. There are less people in the crowd, and, not wishing to be a snob, that tends to mean there are less people who do home run cheers for fly balls.

The Diablos' third baseman would make Blue Jays fans grateful to have Edwin Encarnación. He made one good play in the game, which brought massive applause.

I miss the ritual of the anthem. Honestly, I think I've heard the national anthem twice since I've been in Mexico. I'm not a patriotic person whatsoever, it seems like a odd concept to me, but I love the ritual, I love the Pavlovian thing that kicks in when I hear the American anthem. The American anthem to me means baseball is about to start.

Perhaps it's a bad thing that there are four beer vendors that smile, say hello, and in one case, shake my hand every time they see me at the game. It is nice, though, in these small crowd, to see a handful of people, the old fellas I sit near, who will acknowledge my presence.

I like that outfielder and leadoff hitter Leonardo Heras, pretty much my favourite Diablos player, has started pretending to be Ichiro, trying to do those hits where he's already a couple of steps towards first base as he tries it.

I can't be alone in thinking this: don't you just love it when they intentionally walk a guy, and the next guy smacks a 2 RBI single into centerfield? Must be so satisfying. If they intentionally walked the guy in front of me, I'd take it so personally.

On the subway heading to Thursday's game, I was thinking about that thing, that you always see something you've never seen before in a baseball game. I figured I'd keep a note of things over the next week, see how true that is. I saw several last night:

The Aguilas third baseman Felipe Gutierrez was at second. Came hurtling round when the batter smacked one deep, deep, deep, deep, that bounced foul by inches, just a few feet from the foul pole. He'd already crossed home plate, and had to trot back to second and he, shock horror!, ran across the mound. The Diablos pitcher, though, didn't whine like a bitch about it like some pitchers might've done.

I saw both teams' lead-off hitter hit broken bat groundballs to second. Not seen that before, either.

I've also never seen the scoreboard operator rack up a run before the home run hitter has actually crossed the plate like he did last night.

I've never seen three separate fans at one game wearing the exact same American League All-Star batting practice jerseys.

I've never seen a catcher get the yips, throwing erratically to second, allowing the base runner to get to third. Three times in two innings.

I've never seen three ground rule doubles for the same team in a game.

And I've never seen a drunken ass in a violet shirt, who spent most of the game snogging his girlfriend, then standing up and cheering when something good happened that he undoubtedly was only watching over his girlfriend's shoulder, a guy who spent a not-insignificant amount of time stood up, loudly joking with his pals; I've never seen an asshole like him spill a full cup of beer over the guy sat in front of him (and his iPad) and only tap him on the shoulder, say sorry, then just yell at the beer guy to bring him a new one.

And finally, I've never seen a game with as many runs before. 29 runs off 38 hits, with five walks and SEVEN errors. It was a fun game.