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July 3, 2011: The rain likes baseball

Diablos Rojos del México 10 Acereros de Norte 5
4:00pm Saturday July 2, 2011
Time: 3:02
Attendance: 2,564

It's rainy season here in Mexico City. And it's baseball season, too. Not a good combination. When I left my apartment, there were big ominous clouds, but, a friend and I had arranged to meet to go to the game, so we went. And we were lucky. The odd spit here an there throughout the game, but it didn't start pissing it down until about thirty seconds after the last out. It was beautifully-timed. But the threat of rain seems to be playing havoc with the attendance figures. Just two-and-a-half-thousand there for a Saturday afternoon game. That's poor. And they had a special offer, where the 70 peso tickets (the expensive tickets) were 15 pesos. That's about USD1.20 or something. It's stupidly cheap, yet still the park is less than 10% full. Ho hum.

Nothing spectacular about the game, really. A couple of homers here and there. I didn't make any notes, so I've kinda forgotten stuff. It was enjoyable to sit there with my friend - a Tigres fan who was rooting for Monclova - mentioned that the Diablos were behind, and I had one of those beautiful moments where you say something that comes true: yeah, well, the Diablos are good, they can turn this two run deficit around in one inning, dude. And they did. They made me look clever, which I enjoyed.

Apart from that... a cat got onto the field. It was kinda fun seeing the batboy (a midget fella), and the mascot (called Rocco, he's kinda wolf with devil horns) chasing a cat around foul territory. Yep, that's it. The lack of notes = shitty blog post.