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April 2, 2012: Finally...

Tigres de Quintana Roo 10 Diablos Rojos del México 13
4:00pm Sunday March 31, 2012
Time: 3:22
Attendance: 7,876

Diablos-Tigres is the Mexican equivalent of Yankees-Red Sox, Dodgers-Giants, Cubs-Cardinals. It's a big rivalry. Saturday's game was the sixth Diablos-Tigres game I've attended, the previous five were all Tigres victories. And this game began with irritating familiarity. Tigres leadoff hitter Sergio Contreras doubled, and next up, Carlos Gastelum homered. After an Ivan Terrazas hom run and zeros in the second, the Tigres got going. Five singles, a home run, a walk, a hit by pitch, and it's 8-1 Tigres. Sigh. Diablos got four back in the bottom of the third; both teams got two more in the fourth, and then we had two more scoreless innings. a Mario Valdez home run closed the gap in the seventh, 10-8 Tigres. And then something that I wasn't really expecting happened: the Tigres bullpen wobbled. Number eight hitter Raul Padron singled, pinch hitter Emmanuel Avila singled, Leo Heras sac-bunts, Terrazas doubled bringing home the two runs that tie the game. Oscar Robles in intentionally walked. Runners on first and second, Japhet Amador singles, another run scores. Another intentional walk, a strikeout, a wild pitch and another run scores. Carlos Valencia singles, Amador scores. Raul Padron batting again, grounds out to end the inning. 13-10 Diablos. A one-two-three top of the ninth, and I had finally witness a Diablos victory over the Tigres. Either side of that game, though, the Tigres took the series with a 16-8 win on Friday, and a 14-5 win on Sunday. There were a combined 92 hits over those three games. Diablos hit 14 in each of the three games, so Tigres pitching isn't all that hot. But tomorrow (Tuesday), the Diablos will be playing an exhibition game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in Arlington, Texas against the Texas Rangers. If the Diablos pitching is anything like as bad as it has been this weekend (averaging 16.6 hits allowed per game), it could be ugly. But, y'know, Vamos Diablos!