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June 6, 2012: Some things of note

Diablos Rojos del México 11 Guerreros de Oaxaca 7
7:00pm Wednesday June 6, 2012
Time: 3:40
Attendance: 2,411

Several things of note occurred during this evening's game. Ivan Terrazas laid down a lovely bunt with two on and no outs that sneaked passed the pitcher and third baseman for a hit. The top of the fourth was defensively excellent, the best I've seen in a while in Mexico: Short stop Jesus Lopez darted to his right to snag a ball and threw a bullet to first; Lopez then leapt like Superman and picked a line drive out of the sky; and third baseman Oscar Robles got down to grab a sharply hit ball along the line. I saw two people wearing new caps that I've so far only seen on the telly: the new Jays hat and the new Marlins orange alt hat. And the Diablos won their second consecutive game. But none of that matters a jot, because of what I experienced at the end of the sixth inning when I went to use the gentlemen's rest room. I was the only person using the urinal trough, but I was not alone in the rest room. There was a man in one of the stalls taking a big, farty, squelchy dump. Whilst doing so, he was listening - and so was I because of his cell phone's loud speaker - to "The Final Countdown" by Europe.