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July 23, 2012: Penultimate home series

Diablos Rojos del México 11 Broncos de Reynosa 4
7:00pm Friday July 20, 2012
Time: 2:55
Attendance: 2,934

Diablos Rojos del México 5 Broncos de Reynosa 7
4:00pm Saturday July 21, 2012
Time: 3:05
Attendance: 4,789

Diablos Rojos del México 7 Broncos de Reynosa 3
12:00pm Friday July 22, 2012
Time: 3:08
Attendance: 7,247

Just six games remaining now. Three on the road against second-place-in-the-division Rieleros de Aguascalientes (58-45), and three at home against sixth-place Pericos de Puebla (50-54). It's still tight for the remaining playoff places. Quick recap: top four in each of the two divisions go through. Sultanes de Monterrey (62-44) and the Rieleros are all but mathematically in, and then it gets tight. Saraperos de Saltillo (56-49) are in third place, Diablos Rojos (57-50) in fourth, and Acereros del Norte (56-51) in fifth. The Diablos went 3-3 in last week's home stand. Kinda gotta hope they can do a little better this week, or it'll be a tense last couple of games. Although, there's part of me that would enjoy going into the last game of the season knowing the Diablos have to win to progress.

Can't really complain about this Broncos series. In the first game it was just two big innings that delivered the victory. A five-run first, and a six-run fifth. And there was a nice rainbow in the sky during the early innings, too. Oddest song played over the PA: Baby Jane by Rod Stewart.

Saturday's second game of the series was my fifth game in four days. I was getting a little weary of sitting in the same seat (as I am wont to do), so shelled out the massive 10 pesos (74 cents) for a ticket to sit in the leftfield concrete bleachers. It was hot out there, but nice to have a different view of the place. It was a frustrating game to lose after a great start. Five runs off four home runs in the second inning; three of them back-to-back-to-back. And that was it. Just three more hits for the rest of the game, and Reynosa chipped away over the middle innings, and won the game. Oddest song played over the PA: Single Bilingual by Pet Shop Boys.

Sunday's game, like all Sunday games, started at noon. Too early for a baseball game. It's like getting up and going to work to go and watch a game that early. Kinda. When you go to a lot of games at a ballpark, you kinda get used to how long things take. I know that for a weeknight game, I can arrive ten minutes before first pitch and not have to wait for more than a minute or so at the ticket booth. For weekend games, it's a wee bit longer, but not much. I arrived 20 minutes before first pitch, and there was already a queue extending about 20 feet from the point where a line filters into four short lines in front of the ticket office. The queue wasn't moving. Eventually, a bullhorn guy told us that they'd had a computer system failure. By the time the game was starting the queue was a good 400 feet long. People got impatient as we could here the announcer and fans inside the park reacting to a game that had begun. Lots of people shouting that they should just let us all in for free. Security guys became the centre of attention. Some people angrily demanding swift action. A renegade bunch of about 15 people decided they weren't going to wait. They marched off to the gate, clapping and shouting. The rest of us in the queue, turned around to watch what happened. The three poor women who ordinarily just scan barcodes were faced with people demanding to be let in for free. What could they do? They put up a modicum of resistance, but understandably, they eventually stepped aside. And people rushed the gates. Suddenly the rest of the queue haemorrhaged people all seeing an opportunity to watch the game for free. But before most of them could get near the gate, security had come to the rescue, and forced the gates shut. Leaving me and my fellow queuers that little bit closer to the front. And with a couple of minutes, the system was up and running. All in all, I'd missed an inning and a half. No biggy.

All weekend, the Liga Mexicana has been promoting a campaign against obesity. They parade a big banner around between innings, and Rocco, the mascot, does some rope skipping. you kinda gotta admire the fat guy a couple of rows in front of me who watched the accompanying video on the big screen, and immediately shouted to get the attention of a donut vendor.

It was a decent game. Reynosa scored three runs off twelve hits, Diablos seven off seven. Off day today, then the run-in truly kicks off. Hopefully, the next post I write will be about making it to the playoffs. And, after all these posts about the Mexican League, you may be interested to get a little feel of what it's like at one of the games at Foro Sol. Here's a clip of second baseman Carlos Valencia reaching on an error by the Broncos shortstop.