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A new Minipop(e)

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Ooooh, that was exciting. I’m not a Catholic, nor do I really care that much who the Pope is, but watching it on the BBC, I couldn’t help but get sucked in. So, here he is, the new Minipope, Pope Benedict XVI:

Written by Craig

April 19th, 2005 at 6:22 pm

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  1. I really like the new minipop(e)!!!

    I, too, am not religious, and boy! does he look scary in the real pictures!

    take care, and I like flipflopflyinG!


    19 Apr 05 at 19:39

  2. i was unwittingly sucked into watching the event (nbc tricked me)… and the minipop(e) looks absolutely like his twin… only the cuter twin who you would date.

    love the site, love flipflopflyin’ even more (as i’ve been regularly perusing the site for like 2 years and never got to tell you how lovely it all is.)


    19 Apr 05 at 23:25

  3. Thank you both. Rather unsurprisingly, the headlines in German tabloids have gone new Pope crazy.


    20 Apr 05 at 09:38

  4. Did you know that he is the main man of the inquisition? Well, er, used to be until he got his new job. I think it explains a lot about his looks, don’t you?

    (And what lovely pages you have! I’ve been a fan for years!)


    21 Apr 05 at 00:22

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