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Easy like Sunday morning

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Most Sunday mornings are the same for me. I’m an early riser, so I’ll get up and take Billy for a walk and get a coffee and some bread from a local bakery. Then I’ll come back here, drink the coffee, smoke a cig, check email, and maybe do some FFF stuff before Hanni wakes up, and we have breakfast and begin our Sunday.

This morning began like most. On the way to the bakery, I was thinking about writing something here about the football match I went to yesterday. On the way back from the bakery I was only thinking about the growing pain in my face. It seems ridiculous even writing it, but at 10am this morning I was beaten up outside the bakery.

There was a guy with a very tough looking dog. This dog wasn’t on a leash. He was chatting to a woman outside the bakery who also had a dog. The first dog snarled at Billy as we walked into the bakery. On the way out, he ran over and attacked Billy. In the middle of the snarls and Billy’s yelps, the owner did little other than shout to get his dog off Billy. At this point (and of course, time slows down in moments like this, so it felt like Billy had been attacked for ages), I grabbed the collar of the attacking dog and pulled him off Billy. Then I fell to the ground. The dog’s owner had punched me. My glasses went flying as I fell, then I was kicked and punched several more times. I occasionally caught sight of this guy’s angry face as he shouted at me. I can’t say for sure what he said but the words “nicht” and “mein Hund” were in there.

It was all over very quickly, I imagine, but when I got off the pavement, the guy was entering a nearby house, and I was looking on the floor for my glasses. A nice passer-by found them in the gutter. Where’s Billy, though? He was nowhere to be seen on the street, He wasn’t hiding behind parked cars. I took off down the street to look for him. After a minute or so, I saw Billy with two woman. The first woman was the one who I’d initially seen outside the bakery chatting to punching-man. She’d followed Billy when he ran off, and the other woman grabbed Billy as he was nearing a road.

The first woman then helped me back to the bakery, where we sat and had a coffee and a cigarette. She was an angel.

Once I got home, Hanni drove us to wait four hours in a hospital. Because I got hit and kicked in the head they took x-rays (that’s my skull up there at the top of this post) to check that I hadn’t got any fractures to my skull. Thankfully, there’s nothing wrong of great substance; just a painful nose, a bloody and black eye, and a very fat lip.

I also got something more exciting than a football match to blog about…

Written by Craig

April 24th, 2005 at 9:28 pm

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  1. Oh fuck. I am very sorry, Craig, and glad that you’re okay.

    If there’s any chance someone round the bakery might know the guy you need to go to the police. Seriously.


    24 Apr 05 at 21:37

  2. OH MY GOD!


    24 Apr 05 at 21:38

  3. Craig, that is horrendous. Get well soon!

    It makes me think that that thing about dogs — that they connect you to other people, give a pretext for contact with strangers — might not be such a good thing after all. Here in Berlin all the scariest people have dogs.


    24 Apr 05 at 21:59

  4. hope you feel better soon.


    24 Apr 05 at 23:46

  5. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who take their dogs out off-leash, and have absolutely no control over them. You should definately report the incident to police / local council authorities..

    Hope you and Billy are feeling better soon…


    25 Apr 05 at 01:04

  6. Thank you all.
    I’ll be going to the police station today, so there’s another adventure.
    Yes, it’s amazing that the scary dogs are so often off the leash in Berlin, even though it’s against the law.
    And dogs do connect you to strangers; usually that’s one fo the nice things of having a dog. I say hello to so many more people in the street or park just because our dogs sniff each others bums.


    25 Apr 05 at 07:50

  7. Craig. I’ve been a long term admirer of your site for ages and funnily enough feel I’ve gotten to know you as a result (that and the fact that you seem to pamper Billy almost as much as I do my own dog). So I just logged in and read this and I don’t know what to say except that I’m shocked and hope you’re okay and please tell Billy to give you extra special love and extra ear licks while you recover. We’re all thinking of you.

    Ian Mac

    25 Apr 05 at 11:50

  8. Jeezuz – thats a scary story Craig. Hope that your bruises and stuff heal quickly.

    Billy would appear to not be the best bodyguard in the world though – or was he heading off to summon help?


    25 Apr 05 at 12:03

  9. Well, I think Billy kinda did the sensible thing, cos if he’d have stuck around I’d probably be sat in a vet’s office now. I’m trying, like you said, to imagine some Lassie-style help, but I doubt it…


    25 Apr 05 at 13:27

  10. ugh, that’s such a mean thing to happen to a guy with such a fun site.


    26 Apr 05 at 13:59

  11. sorry to hear that.
    get well soon mate.
    perhaps you should get a dog to protect you and billy.

    james william kendall, formerly of lincoln city

    26 Apr 05 at 14:34

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