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As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve got an eye infection called Iritis, which is an inflammatory thing going on in the iris. I’ve had it many times before. It comes back a couple of times every year, and, although it could be serious if it was left untreated (the iris could fuse together with the lens and eventually you’d be blind. Blind, I say! Blind!), it’s never too bad. It usually just involves going to see a specialist, getting eye drops, using them, and everything clears up.

I’ve been seeing the same doctor for four years now, and even though the practice is quite a trek for me, I quite like going there, cos the doctor knows what’s wrong, she speaks English, and once upon a time, she farted whilst telling me what was wrong with my eye and didn’t miss a beat of her diagnosis.

I took this photograph yesterday morning of an old fella in the waiting room. I feel slightly guilty putting it online, but I like how he looks like he’s just heard a great joke. In fact, he seemed to be in great pain. There’s something important to say here, but I can’t quite figure it out.

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April 19th, 2005 at 1:52 pm

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  1. the fella on the right is sporting a nice bob cut, though.


    20 Apr 05 at 13:13

  2. i’m sure the ‘fella’ on the right would be depressed to know that you think she’s a fella…


    20 Apr 05 at 13:18

  3. oh…dear. well i did think he looked a bit too feminine. i can’t begin to imagine how your farting doctor looks like now.


    20 Apr 05 at 20:01

  4. oooh iritis… suffering from it right now and in my left eye too! i like to think that repeated use of those damn steroid eye drops will give my eye superhero powers… like a death-ray or x-ray vision or the power to move objects…


    22 Apr 05 at 13:23

  5. You have my empathy. Are you also squinting at the screen? And getting that awful steroid taste in your mouth occasionally?
    The only superpower it gives me is the power to sit in front of the telly for several hours at a time when I should be working.


    22 Apr 05 at 15:50

  6. squinting and all blurred. have some vile dilating drops too this time. one pupil is the size of a saucer the other is normal sized. i find a nice healthy cigarette gets rid of the steriod taste in a jiffy.


    22 Apr 05 at 17:56

  7. Oh yeh, i hate going outside on a sunny day like today with the dilated pupils.
    I’m living the life of a Goth at the moment: waiting til it’s dark before I venture out.


    22 Apr 05 at 18:16

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