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Germany hearts Spargel

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By the time you’ve read this sentence, three million tons of asparagus (spargel in german) will have been consumed in Germany. Probably.

Germans, you see, love it. Absolutely adore it. This time of year you can’t move in supermarkets for mountains of the stuff on display next to lakes of ready-made Hollandaise sauce.

I too like asparagus. I prefer the green stuff, whereas the white asparagus seems more popular here.

Why am I telling you this? I dunno, really. It’s not very interesting, but it does make me happy that in this world of fruit and veg being an year-round thing, there’s at least one vegetable left that is special enough to be allowed its proper season of glory.

Written by Craig

April 30th, 2005 at 6:39 pm

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  1. “Spargelzeit” was one of the first words Andrew learned and retained, even before we were in Berlin. We also prefer the green kind.


    1 May 05 at 03:56

  2. “First, let us take an extraordinarily healthy vegetable … and then slather it in the most fattening, most calorie-laden, most frightening sauce in the entire universe! Millions will fall! Cities will burn! Waists will increase!”

    Insert evil laughter here?


    1 May 05 at 22:41

  3. I too am a Spargel Muncher (sorry bit of Germish there). But there’s one little problem – it makes your wee smell like Agent Orange

    LDV finalist

    2 May 05 at 12:58

  4. This is why you mentioned asparagus! To see what other people think of it, and thus learn more about the world in general.

    I like putting it in stir-fry.


    2 May 05 at 18:05

  5. Germans are also totally obsessed with strawberries! I like them a lot more than Spargel and you don’t have to eat them with Hollandaise but with ice cream or pudding.


    7 May 05 at 21:13

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