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Poor little horsey

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As a friend of mine told me after I’d told her that I hated Yellow by Coldplay: hate is a strong word. So I try not to use it lightly.

I hate graffiti.

Firstly, it’s one of those words that I have to check how to spell every time I want to use it (see also satellite, parallel, appoximate and Morissette).

Then I read this article in the Guardian, which tells us that police in Southampton, UK, are appealing for witnesses after a graffitist sprayed his/her tag on a horse. A horse. Not a brick wall shaped like a horse: a real horsey, sugarlumps, don’t-approach-from-behind, horse.

My oh my, who the hell would think that this was a clever thing to do?
Or be a bored enough teenager to do it?

Reading stuff like this makes my anger glands flare up, and I start having thoughts of being the Dictator of the World and putting all graffitists in jail.

Not all of them actually, just the taggers out there thinking, “Hmm, there’s a nice white wall that the owners of that building have spent a lot of money painting so that the neighbourhood looks a bit nicer, I think I’ll go and write my assumed, cretinous, graffiti name on it fifteen times in spidery writing with a fat marker. That’ll let my mum know that I don’t like her parenting skills.”

Oh, and Banksy, too, just cos he’s crap.

Written by Craig

April 16th, 2005 at 7:01 pm

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  1. I hate graffiti too,but I love to dance on Friday night.How about you?


    17 Apr 05 at 07:34

  2. poor horseyyyy


    17 Apr 05 at 15:11

  3. Grrrr, it gets me cross too.


    18 Apr 05 at 10:12

  4. Lame graffiti is rubbish. But good graffiti on the walls of buildings that should never have been built in the first place can be an artistic protest against dehumanising architecture.

    Hope the horses take their revenge.


    18 Apr 05 at 13:15

  5. I see your point. I guess Berlin has a dearth of good graffiti artists. There are a few that seem to be good, which seems to me to include choosing the place with a bit of style, too. I think my view on graffiti is based on being able to see several very poor examples out of my office window.


    18 Apr 05 at 21:30

  6. I don’t like the “graffiti name on it fifteen times in spidery writing with a fat marker” either, but there are some nice graffitis in Berlin (maybe they’re not graffitis, just plain ol’ paintings)

    We took pictures of some ot them:
    Page 1
    Page 2


    20 Apr 05 at 12:50

  7. Even with a dictionary you missed approcimate. ;)


    20 Apr 05 at 13:22

  8. That’ll teach me!


    20 Apr 05 at 13:22

  9. I’m rubbish at spelling.


    20 Apr 05 at 13:40

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