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The Joker

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I’ve recently had a couple of driving lessons. Even though I passed my driving test way back in 1988, I’ve not really driven that often, and I’ve never driven in Germany. So these lessons are just for me to get used to the laws of the road in Berlin.

My driving instructor is a lovely lady who, in a good way, looks like Cesar Romero as The Joker in the old Batman TV series.

My latest lesson included driving into a subterranean car park and through a car wash. I found out something that I didn’t know when I asked why: that it’s the law in Germany that you can’t wash your own car.

Well. Well. Well.

Written by Craig

April 15th, 2005 at 6:39 pm

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  1. oh, that’s for environmental reasons. We germans can be extremely obsessive about our cars (as in “my car is my castle”), and we also (watchout, another prejudice) like it clean. So it was actually a very good idea to stop 50% (or even more) of Germany cleaning the car on every weekend and instead sending them through a car wash where the whole soap, chemicals, whatever can get recycled. Much better for the environment, isn’t it?


    21 Apr 05 at 00:28

  2. Once again, reasoning overcomes blatant “aren’t some German things silly”-ism…


    21 Apr 05 at 08:21

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