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The morning after

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Well, my face is calming down a bit, thankfully.

The stuff that I wrote yesterday all came out in a babble of words without any real editing. I feel I should expand on a couple of things.

Firstly, I mentioned that I’m an early riser, and that’s true. But yesterday, I didn’t rise too early, that’s why I was done in at 10am.

The bakery where this all happened is really really nice. They make great bread, superb wholegrain croissants, and they play heavy metal all the time. In the morning it makes a change not to hear the usual local radio stuff played in bakeries and to be shook awake by some Metallica. It makes me a bit sad that I’m not gonna feel comfortable going there any more, cos the punchy guy lives in the same building. And it’s only five minutes from where I live. And, really, this is a great neighbourhood…

So I went to the police station this morning to report what had happened. What a grim looking place that was. Oddly, they had a little exhibition of photos of the riots that occur nearby every year on 1st May. I’m not sure what the police are trying to tell us with this display, but to me it looked very much like We Arrest Punks.

A policeman came and took my statement. He seemed vaguely interested in what happened, so fingers crossed he might go out and do some sleuthing.

It was an odd time, cos part of me wants to just forget it and not cause more trouble (ie reprisals); part of me feels like it’s my duty as a citizen to try and stop this from happening again to somebody else; and the final third of me wants to see a German Crockett and Tubbs cuffing him and telling him he’ll be going down for 7-10 years mandatory.

On the upside, I’ve had a chance to examine the x-rays of my skull and I’ve noticed a Turin Shroud-esque face near my nose. If you look carefully … am I right in thinking that Beck lives in my skull?

Oh, and I forgot to mention: trying to pull a dangerous dog off a defenceless dog is, in retrospect, a stupid thing to do. I’m pretty lucky not to have neck wounds that look like a bowl of chilli.

Written by Craig

April 25th, 2005 at 1:20 pm

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  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Craig. I really hope you get well soon. I once had a close encounter with some badger baiters which involved them setting their two feral jack russell terriers on my two little dogs. They were both ok but it was terrifying. Trying to protect your dog is instinctive – it’s obvious how much you love Billy so don’t beat yourself up about it, that guy’s already done it for you after all.


    25 Apr 05 at 13:58

  2. At least we now know one thing: mean n’ nasty people DO visit bakeries. Here I’d thought that perhaps bakeries, in the soft sweet light of all those lovely baked goods, were the one place left that must be utterly devoid of meanness. What a tragic find, man.

    My good-luckingest, best-healing wishes to you and your pup! You’ll pull through. Anyone who has Ghost Beck inside their head can’t be down for the count forever.


    25 Apr 05 at 15:11

  3. Jesus, Mr. Robinson.

    If you like, I can have this guy whacked. I have a number of dependable Prenzlauer Berg mafia connections. You know, real quiet like.

    Pencil Pusher


    25 Apr 05 at 15:42

  4. Get better soon.


    25 Apr 05 at 17:09

  5. Craig, you have just proven that the Numbskulls, who were in The Beezer comic do exist – one of them obviously forgot to hide from the x-ray.


    25 Apr 05 at 17:42

  6. Hey Craig, hope you get better soon, and that Billy is doing okay. Been reading your blogs for a while, made me laugh when I read Billy’s post on Papki, as it’s my local shop too and I’ve had a few communication breakdowns in that place! So, was a shock to hear about your experience outside the zz top baker (yep, my local baker too). Anyways, I’m sure that you shall take it in your stride, and I hope that they catch the asshole.


    26 Apr 05 at 02:38

  7. oh! I hope you are okay and billy too!

    Please take care of yourself, and thanks for sharing, although frightening.

    I really can’t believe something like that would happen.

    were your glasses okay?


    26 Apr 05 at 06:14

  8. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments.

    Pencil Pusher: sleeping with the fishes, yeah?

    Yuko: amazingly, my specs are completely unharmed.

    Mootpoints: I think it’s the thing that makes me saddest of all; that I really like going to that bakery, but now, I’m not so sure that I want the hassle of going there.

    We’ll see what happens with the polizei in the near future, hopefully. Althugh one can never rule out Chief Wiggam style policing, so I’m trying not to get too hopeful.


    26 Apr 05 at 09:43

  9. Really sorry to hear that you & Billy had such a horrible encounter.

    I got beaten up a few weeks ago by a group of meatheads because I asked them not to urinate against my neighbours front door. I’m not much of fighter (ok, a complete wimp!) and just crawled into a ball and took a good kicking. I was fine, more shaken up than physically damaged.

    I had the same dilemma though. I didn’t report it to the police at first, guess I was worried of repercussions as the perpetrators know where I live. After a few days I just became so angry that they could get away with it so I made a statement to the police. In typical British fashion they have not done anything about it, although there were witnesses and I had the car registration. I hope your local police are more proactive.

    I’m sad that this is preventing you from feeling safe in your own neighbourhood and you don’t feel like you can go to the bakery (especially when they play Metallica). I would urge you to try to keep going there, but I understand why you are hesitant. Hope they catch the git.



    26 Apr 05 at 10:50

  10. looks rather like the singer of aqualung too..



    31 Jul 05 at 17:07

  11. I wish Beck lived in my head :(


    9 Mar 09 at 04:05

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