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With a G not an Apostrophe

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It’s taken me way too long to get this thing going.
It’s a long story, and dammit, I’m gonna tell it long.

I never ever thought about buying this flipflopflying.com domain. It never even entered my little brain to do so until a couple of years ago when a then-colleague of mine bought it and pointed it towards the non-G site.
When it was time to renew the domain, he let it expire so I could go and grab it.
I forgot.
So, I’ve just had to go through this auction process with a domain name company where they let people bid for it.
As you can tell, cos you’re reading this, I won that auction.
And it only cost me $62.

Anyway, I’ve often wondered what I’d do with this domain if I got it. It seems a waste to just let it redirect people to flipflopflyin.com, so I’ve decided to give this weblogging lark a go. I dunno if I’m cut out for the day-to-day tittle tattle that I see on other blogs, but I work alone, I get happy and angry, so OF COURSE I SHOULD DO A BLOG!

If you don’t give a fuck about this blog, then you can click the link on this page which takes you to the altogether more fancy Flip Flop Flyin’.

Written by Craig

April 15th, 2005 at 4:40 pm

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  1. I am from Brazil, and I really need to get in contact with you.
    Please, send me your email!
    Diogo Viana
    email: arquiteto@dr.com

    Diogo Viana- Brazil

    20 Apr 05 at 16:14

  2. Congrats on acquiring a ‘G’. Now I’ll have to be careful with my pronounciation.

    Have fun and good luck with the blog.

    Is it likely to be updated with the same kind of frequency as the apostrophe, i.e. in between ‘proper’ work?

    George in Grasse

    21 Apr 05 at 22:44

  3. Hey. I haven’t checked flipflopflyin for a while, being immered in all that bloging thingy. How lovely to find you have your own blog now.


    22 Apr 05 at 05:22

  4. George,

    Hopefully it’ll be updated more frequently than FFF’. Hopefully…


    22 Apr 05 at 10:31

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