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Today is the sixth anniversary of Flip Flop Flyin’ going online.

Every year around this time, I tend to sit down, look at what I did in the previous year and decide that it’s all rubbish and next year will be better. I did the same today. But, I wonder if it will be better or just the same. Will it just continue with more Minipops, more Pete and Bob, more this and that..? In a way, I like doing these small things, constantly adding to the moutain of stuff on the site. There is a part of me, though, that wants to sit back, and do something more substantial. Something that’s more than a static-view animation of owls dancing and more and more Minipops. I hope to be able to sit down and plan out something that’ll be 5 minutes or more. Rocky VI or something.

But for today, I’ll be enjoying that I’ve managed to keep something going for longer than any job I’ve ever had, and enjoying the presents I bought myself: a ukulele and a kazoo. Maybe Rocky’s boxing career could be over now and he’s trying to make a career as a busking one man band. I can see it panning out…

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May 12th, 2005 at 5:19 pm

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  1. Chapeau, Brave Sire Craig!

    I for once enjoyed your creative and inspiring work for 360 days of the past year.

    (My screen turned all pink for 5 days and I couldn’t check back your website without getting an uneasy feeling in my prefrontal cortex).

    And more importantly, I think your work gets better day after day.

    Congrats! ♥


    12 May 05 at 20:32

  2. Sire?

    Craig’s… a vampire?

    Anyhoo: Flip Flop Flyin’ is the best. I say add to the mountain, but make time to add your really big opus to the mountain too.


    12 May 05 at 22:06

  3. I’ve been a not-very-ardent follower since I saw the Cheap Space Documentary, which really struck a chord. or should it be funny bone?
    Also, am a great admirer of Germany and some things German so like the whole Berlin aspect.
    Well done, keep it rolling, be happy, brush your teeth – whatever, really.


    12 May 05 at 23:35

  4. It’s precisely the opposite of the lengthy, more complex projects that this entry suggests you actually want to be doing, but…well, I really liked technicallyperfecthair, and I miss it lots. I was fascinated with the little daily peek into the wastelands of your C drive – it was just like an advent calendar (which are the best things ever), only I didn’t have to wait until Christmas and there weren’t any pictures of mangers. I especially thought there was a lot more distance in the little chalkboard pictures; particularly the animated ones…they made me smile lots.

    I can’t remember why you said you killed it off, now…but I seem to remember you sounded quite cheesed off with the whole creative process at the time. Maybe there’ll be a revival if the mood takes you again..?

    grey kid

    13 May 05 at 11:46

  5. congratulations, well done on keeping something going for six years, better than nothing innit.


    13 May 05 at 14:01

  6. Susanne: thank you, you’re very kind.
    Paul: I’ve watched four seasons of Buffy in the past couple of months, so yes, I feel like a vampire.
    Grey: Glad you liked the TPH stuff. I think the reason I stopped that stuff is still valid, it kinda distracted from FFF stuff… *looks up at brain like Homer Simpson* …just like this blog does.
    Bushra: it is, yes.


    13 May 05 at 17:27

  7. well done on the six years
    as take that once sang, ‘things can only get better’ craig…..things can only get better, keep up the work


    13 May 05 at 20:15

  8. Well, I’ve been watching your website ever since it was mentioned on Radio 1, about… a year ago? 2 years ago? I don’t really know, I tend to lose track of time.
    Whatever, its been a regular (Although at times not so regular!) source of amusement, so I salute you. *salutes*

    Oh, and I bought your book… but I think I might have told you that already…


    15 May 05 at 13:07

  9. six years? is that all? seems like forever that you took delivery of that iMac, disppeared into you room and came out a month later with a fully formed, hand coded website.

    best things on FFF over the years? fun fun fun, minipops (the early years), the 27 squares, our kitchen shelf, batman and robinson and most of all what if.

    well done mate, it just keeps getting better.

    James William Kendall, formerly of Lincoln City

    16 May 05 at 20:13

  10. Never mind all that – what kind of ukulele do you have?

    Dave Shelton

    18 May 05 at 09:11

  11. Dave: I bought a cheap one, cos I know what I’m like: I’ll fiddle with it for a few days then get bored. I’m currently trying to learn Rockin’ All Over The World.
    James: Thanks, chap. It wouldn’t have been the same without you, baby.


    18 May 05 at 20:05

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