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A big week ahead

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So, tomorrow I’ll be flying to Istanbul. After a Saturday of interesting football appetisers, (my home town team, Lincoln City making it to the League Two play-off final; Arsenal sneaking the FA Cup; and at the game Hanni and I went to, Hertha Berlin unable to score against Hannover 96 which means UEFA Cup games next season not Champions League), the big game is on the horizon: AC Milan v Liverpool. The Champions League final. I still can’t believe it. I’ll be there! Fucking brilliant!

Hopefully, I’ll do some blogging from Istanbul. Hopefully, I’ll see some great things there. Hopefully, I’ll cross a bridge and set foot on Asian soil for the first time in my life. Hopefully, I’ll have a massive smile on my face late on Wednesday night after another Luis Garcia wonder-goal wins the European Cup.

Right, I’m gonna start packing me suitcase. I’ll leave you with a photo from yesterday’s game – the good ship Hertha on its way to Europe:

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May 22nd, 2005 at 11:01 am

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  1. Good Luck to the Super Reds!
    Have yourself a great time in Turkey you lucky bu**er.


    23 May 05 at 11:13

  2. Lucky butter? Yes, don’t forget the lucky butter and the jammy marge. Good luck- I shall look out for you on the telly.


    23 May 05 at 13:49

  3. I wish one day I will go Istanbul too! Saw a Turkish movie called “Uzak” before, such a good movie, Istanbul there was so depressing and beautiful. :)



    23 May 05 at 16:41

  4. I wish I had your kind of Big Week ahead… ;-)


    23 May 05 at 17:42

  5. Pass and move, it’s the Liverpool groove.


    Apparently all ‘Pool’s winning European Cup Finals have been against teams wearing white…and Milan have opted to wear white on Wednesday night, so the omens are good. Best of luck.

    Oh, and I bought the Minipops book and it has now found a place on our coffee table where it looks absolutely spiffing.


    23 May 05 at 18:52

  6. oh dear. half time and you’re 3-0 down. It’s going to have to be one of the greatest comebacks ever!


    25 May 05 at 21:35


    I’m a Gooner, but woooooooooooo!

    By the way, if you have access to your error logs, check them for 4 minutes ago.


    25 May 05 at 23:33

  8. Wow, I’m not really interested in football, but I’m a bit jealous of you right now. Must be great to have a little holiday and see your team win in a perfect game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I imagine that you do. :)


    25 May 05 at 23:43

  9. bloody hell. well done!


    25 May 05 at 23:59

  10. What an AMAZING match!! I bet you were exhausted this morning weren’t you?!


    26 May 05 at 09:52

  11. I stormed out of the pub in disgust at 0-3. Shows where being passionate and impulsive gets you, eh? -l-

    Well, actually, I suppose it shows that I’m not actually a Liverpool fan. My big game’s on Sunday – I’ll be at Cardiff to see my lovely Sheffield Wednesday bash Hartlepool and go up to the Champ’ship. I hope our game is as good as yours.

    But congratulations and well done anyway. I did a big smile when I heard they’d pulled it back from the abyss. :]

    grey kid

    26 May 05 at 11:30

  12. I cannot wait for your posting on this. We were thinking of you last night at the end, nursing yet another beer that we’d promised we wouldn’t have. It was so emotional – haven’t felt that exhilarated watching a game for a very long time. Congrats.

    Ian Mac

    26 May 05 at 12:27

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