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Batman & Robinson No.8

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Hopefully the last time I mention “it” – a new episode of Batman and Robinson.

Written by Craig

May 31st, 2005 at 11:57 am

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  1. I don’t get it. Was there some kind of hockey game or something?

    But seriously, here’s an igorant question from a clueless American:

    Is it better/more thrilling for the “football” team representing one’s country to win the World Cup (with, let’s say, 3 players from your favorite club team on the field), or is it better/more thrilling for one’s favorite club to win the Champions League?

    I’m just trying to get my bearing for when the U.S. team pummels England in the 2006 World Cup Final, so bear with me . . .



    31 May 05 at 17:43

  2. Club is WAY more important than country for me, and amongst everyone I know who’s into football.
    I also find it a little odd wanting, say, Gary Fucking Neville to play well for England, when, for every other waking moment of my life, I wish he’d be flying off a bridge in a car inside a locked shipping container into a very very deep volcano.


    31 May 05 at 17:52

  3. No question it has to be club – Craig, I’ve never heard anyone put the club vs. country arguement in such convincing terms!


    1 Jun 05 at 10:56

  4. Yeah, I’ve always found it a little bit tricky to really get behind a team that only plays together for about a month every year, is put together based on the capricious whims of whichever idiot is in charge this campaign, and can be almost guaranteed to win nothing. (Cos only 1 team can win the World Cup/European Championship, so the odds of it being your team are pretty slim.)


    1 Jun 05 at 11:16

  5. And specifically being English, I’m not really a fan of having to be concerned if there are hooligans spoiling things, and having to put up with seeing jingoistic stuff bordering on racism in the tabloids, and nineteen bloody sixty six over and over again like we’ve got some divine right to win the Word Cup again.


    1 Jun 05 at 13:12

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