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Concert improvements

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Last night, I went to see The Arcade Fire. I half saw them earlier this year, but had a migraine so I had to leave after a few songs, sniff. Last night, they were, of course, excellent. It’s just, at 5′ 7″ tall, I can never really see much behind all the incredibly tall Germans. (I have no stats to back this up, but Germans just seem taller in general than English people.)

So, what I propose is a height-based system at concerts (smallest at the front, tallest at the back), so that us smaller people don’t spend the whole concert looking at half a bass player’s arm through the tiny gap between two basketball players’ heads. It’d work something like this:

Written by Craig

May 21st, 2005 at 12:38 pm

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  1. You should also plan a special area for those who find it necessary to jump up and down most of the concert.

    Andrés Ingi

    21 May 05 at 19:28

  2. yeah, preferably outside the building. Best be careful though, otherwise we will be wanting seats next!


    21 May 05 at 19:40

  3. If this would ever be true, then my life would be grand. I’d be in the front at every concert


    21 May 05 at 20:14

  4. And if they could make the standing area sloped a bit… or maybe have it as a terrace… then it would totally be a nicer experience.

    I would also enjoy decent air conditioning.


    22 May 05 at 03:59

  5. There is a really good venue in Berlin called Columbia Fritz which has a slightly raised area at the back and a bit of a sloping floor: best of both worlds.


    22 May 05 at 10:46

  6. Also, seperate area for those who wish to mosh with pints of lager in hand… I do not appreciate having luke-warm alcohol spilt in my hair. Although maybe thats just me?


    22 May 05 at 22:06

  7. At 6’6″, I get quite embarrased at gigs when moving towards the front, because I know exactly what people are thinking.

    However, I did come up with a small idea, in which short people team up with tall people prior to the gig and then get on their shoulders for a small fee – say, one pint of lager.

    Then I realised it was rubbish, but at least it was borne out of a desire not to be so tall and infuriate people shorter than me. Ho hum.


    24 May 05 at 00:05

  8. maybe we could have one side of the venue for tall people and the other side for short people, so tall people, with small friends, could still spend the gig together in the middle :) and a sloping floor too, and a seperate area for moshers with pints and a soundproofed room out the back for people who wish to loudly converse right next to my head all the way through acoustic type sets?


    24 May 05 at 14:25

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