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Makes me happy

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This is the sort of thing that keeps my brain happy: if you take a cut out of “out”, you get “cut”.

Written by Craig

May 3rd, 2005 at 11:13 am

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  1. I had to keep reading your comment. I kept reading other words. Like yoga, yoghurt and c*nt (twice)


    3 May 05 at 15:51

  2. The kerning on the word “cut” is awful though!


    3 May 05 at 16:29

  3. That’s true, the kerning was horrible.
    In my defence, I was trying to align each letter with the one below it.
    But, having looked at it again, yes, it’s poo.
    I’ve changed it to have nicer kerning.
    It’s still not perfect, though, but I’m blaming Photoshop, and I’m too busy crossing my fingers for a Liverpool victory tonight to keep on kerning…


    3 May 05 at 16:48

  4. Woo! Woo! Liverpool victory!

    I’m a Gooner, but I’m delighted you gave Chelsea a proper stuffing.


    3 May 05 at 22:58

  5. Thanks, Paul.
    I’m hoarse.


    3 May 05 at 23:19

  6. Yes, you really do have a very good point about the whole ‘cut’ ‘out’ thing. I am now extremely happy! It occured to me the other day when I made a type-o how similar the words ‘cloud’ and ‘could’ are. But thats not nearly as good.
    Keep up the observations…


    8 May 05 at 19:38

  7. i saw a very nice typo recently which confused angle with angel.


    11 May 05 at 13:07

  8. It took me a while to understand it, haha, it’s funny.
    I love your work, I just got minipops as a present from my girlfriend, because she said that it reminded her of my blog’s header. PorkChops. Its a pixel drawing also, nothing special haha. Love your work, again.

    Man on Fire

    14 May 06 at 08:07

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