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I’ve got an ear problem. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac anyway, but I seem to be a walking medical specimen at the moment. My hearing’s a bit muffled, like when your ears need to pop whilst flying. Anyway, I remembered that this happened a couple of years back and… if… I… can… just… reach… into the back of the cupboard, in the old Clark’s shoe box, there’s some medication I used then that sorted it out. A quick check of the use-by date – nothing written on the bottle itself, and 08/2006 printed on the box, so it must be okay. (Plus it’s always nice to see a cartoon drawing of Fab Paul McCartney on a medication packet.) I put the required ten drops in my ear, made my head horizontal for ten minutes then rinsed it out using a nice rubber teardrop-shaped thing. Now my ear hurts even more, and the tinitus is going crazy like a Pan Sonic concert in my ear canal. That’ll teach me to self-medicate.

I’m doubly buggered, cos I can’t go and see a doctor tomorrow as it is a national holiday here. It’s Ascension Day, the day that Jesus went to Heaven. In Germany the day is called Christi Himmelfahrt, which is a long way of saying ascension (a literal translation – and bear in mind my German is rubbish – is Christ’s Journey To Heaven). Being slightly childish, and being English, I titter to myself every time I hear the words Christi Himmelfahrt. In my mind, there’s Jesus in a Trabant flying through the sky like Sandy and Danny at the end of Grease.

And not only is it Christi Himmelfahrt, it’s Election Day in the UK. For quite boring reasons, I didn’t get the chance to do a postal vote, but I’ve been paying attention; reading stuff, listening to the BBC, etc. I can’t bring myself to want that lying fucker Blair in again; Michael Howard… well, even if he does support the same team as me (and there’s always something un-natural about politicians talking about football), he’s still got the whiff of Satan about him; and cuddly Charles Kennedy’s never gonna win, is he? He’d get my vote if I had one, though, cos I seem to agree with more of the Lib Dem’s policies than those of the other parties. Blah blah blah… is this boring? I sometimes wonder…

I especially wonder about that today (notice how I’m weaving several threads of thought together to make a nice jumper, huh?) because I did a “talk” at a local university. A professor from the Universit├Ąt der Kunste Berlin lives in the flat beneath mine, and she asked me a couple of weeks ago if I’d go and talk about Minipops etc. to her students. I’ve only done this sort of thing once before, and it went quite well then, but today – partly because of poor planning, partly because my mind was still re-living Luis Garcia’s glorious goal last night – I was rubbish. I must apologise to any of the students that were there. All I seemed to do was mumble like an old man and click things on FFF so they appeared projected on a screen. I did quite enjoy seeing Pete and Bob really big, though. So, yes, sorry German design students. Of course, should YOUR university want me to come and talk, I’d be more than happy to do it cos I love being flattered and made to feel important.

That, you’ll be glad to know, is almost all.

Commiserations to PSV fans.

It’s my bed-time. Good night.

Written by Craig

May 4th, 2005 at 11:19 pm

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  1. Y’know, there’s a whole bunch of people I’ve noticed who agree with more of the Lib Dems policies than any other party. So I wouldn’t write them off just yet.

    Well, I’d write off their chances of winning, but they might do quite well, for them.

    Y’know, like Middlesbrough getting into the UEFA Cup. Good by their standards.

    See? Politics and football do mix.


    5 May 05 at 00:06

  2. Had fun reading that post, especially the Trabi and Christi Himmelfahrt section!


    5 May 05 at 00:34

  3. Far from boring and always entertaining, so you keep going!


    5 May 05 at 11:49

  4. I was going to vote Lib Dem, but then I thought, I don’t agree with them, it’s just that I’m pissed off with Labour, and I’m never going to vote for the Conservatives, so I’ve made the decision to sit on my arse and mutter about Labour for another four years, and when someone says, ‘well you didn’t vote so you can shut up’, I’ll say, ‘Well if ‘None of the Above’ is OK for Richard Pryor, it’s OK for me.’

    Brewster's Billions

    5 May 05 at 14:35

  5. Craig – be careful with those ears. I’ve had recurring ear problems throughout the years and when it gets bad, it really gets bad. I was once close to fully deaf for almost two weeks and my balance was shot to boot. And you can do permanent damage, and then you’d never be able to hear Kraftwerk again – which, let’s face it, would be a bit like being castrated.
    And by the way, what’s so bad about a Pan Sonic gig? It could be worse – say Merzbow.
    Chin up. BTW I voted Lib Dem.

    Ian Mac

    6 May 05 at 11:28

  6. There’s nothing wrong with a Pan Sonic concert, just not when you’re trying to sleep. I went to a great concert of theirs about five years ago, actually. It was on the roof of one of the buildings at the South Bank in London.


    6 May 05 at 13:18

  7. What a small world. I was at that very same Pan Sonic show.
    Huge sympathies on the ear front. Good luck with whatever treatment you end up having.

    Ian Mac

    6 May 05 at 18:03

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