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Update on the beating

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I got a letter from the polizei yesterday. They want me to go and look at some photos to see if I can identify the fellow who did me over. This fills me with dread. I think I can identify him, I can hold the memory of what he looked like in my head for a few seconds, but I was a bit busy shileding my head from the punches and kicks to notice too much. I’ll go to see the cops tomorrow, so, Fingers crossed, it’ll be like seeing the face of Killer Bob off Twin Peaks and I’ll get it right.

Written by Craig

May 11th, 2005 at 1:14 pm

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  1. Give ’em hell big man!


    11 May 05 at 19:29

  2. I had to do that once and didn’t stand a chance. A different haircut or a beard (or none) is enough to make me get insecure. I guess there’s no other way, but I found it very hard.

    Good luck. If they have him there already, he won’t ’cause any more trouble if you recognized him.


    11 May 05 at 20:17

  3. Thanks chaps.
    I’m trying to visualise him in my head as completely as possible now so I’ll hopefully have a better chance.


    11 May 05 at 20:36

  4. My fingers are metaphorically crossed for you.

    Plus, in the long run, peace and non-violence will always, always win.


    11 May 05 at 21:55

  5. good luck!


    12 May 05 at 12:19

  6. What? When? How did it happen? Have you been beaten up? I’m appalled! I send you a big hug and wish you good luck – go get ’em!

    Elisabeth Redlig

    12 May 05 at 13:10

  7. I had to do that once, after I witnessed a mugging. It was really difficult; after looking through three ringbinders’ worth of police pictures, the disillusioned, drug-addled, educationally low-attaining, socially disadvantaged youth of my small Midlands town all began to look the same. I thought about Cesare Lombroso and shuddered.

    Hope you have better luck Craig.


    12 May 05 at 13:35

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