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Atomium Crumb

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The third Witham and Woodhall thing is online today. It’s, well, a bit stupid. Sometimes I make these things and I’m totally enthusiastic about them, then the minute they’re finished I wonder what the hell I’m doing wasting my time. So, anyway, after that stunning build up: why not go and visit Witham and Woodhall’s Atomium Crumb.

Written by Craig

June 17th, 2005 at 3:02 pm

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  1. ah, well it makes me smile.


    17 Jun 05 at 17:18

  2. I love it! It didn’t just made me smile, it made me laugh out loud.
    And the Belgians can get in from free! Wahoo! (For the record: I’m from Belgium.)


    17 Jun 05 at 22:33

  3. Hurrah! Sorry, I had a post-doing something “flap”, where I suddenly plunged into a funk where I thoought I was wasting my time rather than writing My Great Novel or something.

    I love Belgium. I’ve only been there twice but had great fun both times. And the Atomium is my favourite building.


    18 Jun 05 at 21:44

  4. well i work in a museum and its more perfect than you could ever know….


    20 Jun 05 at 11:38

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