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Double Turkey

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I’ve been waiting a long time for this. In February 2002 I went bowling and scored my personal best, 201.
Last night, I finally beat my record and scored 222. Yay!
(You can just about make out the 222 in the top right corner of the photo. I was a bit excited, and the photo was taken with my phone, that’s why it’s blurry.)

There’s too many things pointing to some higher power wanting this to happen for me to ignore the following:
1. My previous record was made when I was wearing a Liverpool FC shirt, my new record came exactly one week after the Champions League victory.
2. I scored six strikes in a row – a double turkey. Where was I exactly one week ago? Turkey!
3. In the first game we played, I was playing as badly as LFC were in the first half against AC Milan. This new personal best came in the second game, and, I kid you not, just before I got the first of those six strikes, I mentioned to Derick that at this exact time last week, Steven Gerrard had just scored LFC’s first goal.


Written by Craig

June 2nd, 2005 at 10:59 am

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  1. Any chance you can shut up about bloody football?


    2 Jun 05 at 18:00

  2. That is… amazing…
    I don’t think I’ve ever got over 100!
    Tell me, do they have surreal graphics on the bowling score screens in Germany? Because in this country, whenever you get a strike, you get animations of bowling pins getting up to all kinds of random adventures.
    It can be quite disturbing.


    2 Jun 05 at 19:21

  3. We do: all kinds of animations depicting spares, strikes, etc.
    Actually, it’s a job I would love to do. I’d love to see a bowling alley with FFF style animations. But then, I would, wouldn’t I?


    2 Jun 05 at 19:39

  4. Wow. Amazing. Congratulations. And yes, I could like to buy the MiniPops Book. What can I do to get a discount? ;)

  5. Discount, you say? Well, it’s discounted at Amazon, so that’d be a good place to start…


    3 Jun 05 at 15:39

  6. Craig, congrats on the double turkey! It’s not easy to get!I must say you are a VERY creative genious! I’ve never come across such an imaginitive bloke.It was a “happy accident” that I found your flipflopflyin’ website and I was so entertained!Let’s just say, I’ll be visiting your site regularly.I’m in love with the minipops!!! I gotta go get the book. I haven’t looked yet to see if you have fashion related items with the minipops, but it would be a hit here in the USA.


    10 Jun 05 at 20:17

  7. Thanks Debbie, I try my best.


    11 Jun 05 at 13:17

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