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As promised a couple of days ago, here’s some stuff that is either a) just a sketch, or b) an idea that I’ve not had time to work on. I quite like the idea of putting more non-FFF drawings on here, kind of like how I used to on the old Technically Perfect Hair site; so maybe there will be more of this in the future.

This little fellow is waiting for a story. I kind of see him being a bit dim and giggly.

I think that’s the mum on the left, sort of half balloon half whale, (a Walloon, ho ho!). The others are her children. Absolutely no idea what they’ll do.

These came about after I’d wanted to do something about spat-out chewing gum, like they had some sort of life after being used; at least the lucky ones who didn’t get trampled under shoes.

I would like to do this one: it’d be a film moving around my flat in the dark, where the camera would occasionally come to rest on the glowing LEDs or whatever that punctuate the darkness. Each of these items (computer, printer, VCR, etc.) would whisper a secret.

Finally, this is the one that’s most likely to go somewhere. He’s called Grimpen, he’s a pipe-smoking cat, and he likes to draw cars. He’s proud of his drawings, even though they are rubbish.

That’s show-and-tell over with for today. If I have time over the next couple of days, I’ll dig up more mothballed stuff.

Written by Craig

June 29th, 2005 at 8:40 pm

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  1. I’m very keen on the LED film thingy. That would Rock My Tiny Little World.

    The second item (mother and children) looks a little bit like the Nintendo video game character Kirby.


    29 Jun 05 at 21:23

  2. That should be my tagline: rocking tiny words.
    *Googles* … I see your point about Kirby.


    29 Jun 05 at 21:29

  3. This is exactly the sort of thing you should post on the blog, as well as your day to day observations. I used to love the stuff on Technically Perfect Hair, especially the early stuff that had been buried deep in your hard drive. Bloody lovely.


    29 Jun 05 at 21:29

  4. Thanks, Dan. There’s plaenty of un-used crap on my hard drive so I’ll keep on digging. Nice “Journey” animation on yr site, btw.


    29 Jun 05 at 21:38

  5. Well, if you’re at it: The used chewing gums reminded me of the little ghosts in super mario world. (http://www.classicgaming.com/tmk/images/ss/ss_sma2_dgh.gif)
    Are you sure you haven’t been designing some games for nintendo? ;)
    I’m also looking forward to that LED thing.


    30 Jun 05 at 12:15

  6. Marc, I wish I was. Mario games are so lovely.
    That’s two votes for the LED thing, then. Maybe I should get on the case with that one soon.
    Need to learn how to draw on top of movie clips first, though.


    30 Jun 05 at 12:26

  7. I’m really liking the LED idea and the pip-smoking cat.

    Perhaps the LED could tell stories about what they’ve been up to that day as well as secrets?


    30 Jun 05 at 12:28

  8. Flash is your new best friend for the LED one, Craig. You can then export to animated GIF etc.

    As for Mario games – I agree. I implore you to play Yoshi’s Touch & Go! on the Nintendo DS (touch screen). This modern miracle of gaming has made me also revisit Yoshi’s Island and Super Mario World on both SNES and GBA.

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!


    30 Jun 05 at 12:30

  9. I wish wish wish, that someone would have the wherewithall to do a games console that played all games. If, as seems to be the case, the consoles themselves aren’t the huge money making thing, and it’s the games themselves that are, why don’t Sony and Nintendo get together and make a system that will accept both types of games?
    I know bugger all about the gaming world, so I’m probably wrong. But I look at Nintendo games and get giddy with all the prettiness, but then notice there’s more Playstation games that I’d want to play too.

    So, Matt, i can import AVIs into Flash and then draw on top?
    Brilliant news.


    30 Jun 05 at 13:49

  10. Go with the pipe smoking cat Grimpen – he rocks!


    30 Jun 05 at 15:39

  11. If you have a large enough drive in an xbox you can put all kinds of emulators on there and play gameboy, snes, c64 and whatnot games with it. Even Playstation 1 games. A friend did that with his xbox. It might probably work with other consoles too, but I don’t know about that. Of course, you can also do that with a PC.


    30 Jun 05 at 17:00

  12. You can get console emulators for PCs. And if you own the games, and can dump the ROM (or find a dumped ROM) on the internet, then you can legally play the games on the emulator.

    So, with a lot of work, you can have such a thing on your PC. But it would be super if the games companies would get together and do a good multi-emulator, and then sell us ROMs of older games to play. It’s a way to monetise their intellectual property assets before they come out of copyright.


    30 Jun 05 at 17:31

  13. Ekkk, you geeky boys! I have NO idea what you all just said.

    I like the little blue fellow, he looks like he might live in my museum. Somethings been eating all the spiders.. I may have found the answer.


    30 Jun 05 at 17:37

  14. Oh yes, please dig up more mothballed stuff! I’d be delighted (and many others with me, most definitely). And the LED-idea is just fantastic.
    I wish I had that kind of ideas…


    30 Jun 05 at 17:40

  15. Emulators and stuff all zoom way over my head…

    Aetheria: you live in a museum?

    Leen: I’ll dig up some more stuff tomorrow and at regular intervals after that. It’s really helpful to know what people think of stuff before I do them, I must admit. A lot more than I’d expected.


    30 Jun 05 at 17:55

  16. I definitely wanna see what sort of stuff that pipe smoking cat can draw. Even if it is rubbish.

    Thoroughly Amused

    30 Jun 05 at 18:02

  17. Well live is a bit strong craig…. :-)

    But something is eating our spiders…if its not one story its another!

    Anyway, keep putting stuff up, its great to see for someone who has no creative bone in her body!


    30 Jun 05 at 23:55

  18. Which museum? C’mon! promote yourself! Museums are great!


    1 Jul 05 at 01:13

  19. Yes, you can do what you want in Flash, Craig. Definitely version 7 maybe some other version before also? Do it!

    As for games, yes you can run a host of emulators on Mac, PC, Xbox and even handhelds such as the GBA, GP32, PSP and Palm.


    1 Jul 05 at 11:03

  20. The ones that most inspire me are the LED one, and the spat out chewing gum one. But I’d be interested to see all of them!

    On the subject of small glowing lights, having read one of the ‘fun fun fun’s, I was on a train a while ago, and all the lights in the carriage were broken, so whenever we went through a tunnel, it was pitch black.
    So, I put on my phone, and glowed like a glow worm.

    And it was freaking awesome. Thankyou for such a wonderfully time passing activity.


    2 Jul 05 at 17:41

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