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FFF Does Istanbul

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Okay, this should be the very last time I mention my trip to Istanbul. It’s FFF Does Istanbul; the latest in the now traditional-on-FFF post-trip horizontal-scrolling thingy.

It’s better than some of the recent FFF Doeses, but, on a Mac, there’s an animated bit that looks a bit crappy in Internet Explorer. It looks fine in Safari and Firefox, but I’ve not checked it in any browsers on a PC. So if you’re a PC user and the animated bit looks shitty: sorry. (And if you’re a computer wizz and know of a way to fix the problem… please let me know.)
I’ll tell you a bit about the young fellow in the picture above. I was taking a photo of some house on a side street, and soon as I whipped out my camera, this lad ran up and stood there in front of me, smiling that lovely big smile. It was one of life’s nice moments. Aaachh, but maybe you had to be there…

Written by Craig

June 14th, 2005 at 9:22 pm

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  1. Your best ‘Does’ yet and the animated part looked fine on my pc.


    15 Jun 05 at 00:57

  2. Thank you.


    16 Jun 05 at 20:33

  3. Pete Wylie? You only heard Mr Wah! sing? Why? Why didn’t you see him? And what did he sing?
    There! The interrogation is over. I like Pete Wylie

    George in Grasse

    17 Jun 05 at 18:51

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