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In a German country garden

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Yesterday evening, we went to the in-laws’ house to water the plants in the garden. They live in Bernau, a small town on the north-east outskirts of Berlin. There’s fields and stuff all around, even a nice little wood that Billy enjoys a lot.

Stood there on the lawn, fag in one hand, hosepipe in the other, I felt like a proper man. And it was so relaxing. Playing with the settings of their techno-hose (jet! mist! cone! fan!), and watching Billy try to catch the water. Pointing the hose upwards so it fell like rain on the roses; the beautiful, fragrant, intoxicating roses. Accidentally breaking a spider’s web, returning an hour later to check on him/her and finding that the web was completely rebuilt, and then seeing an insect fly into the web and get quickly wrapped in silk. Butterflies fluttering by.

And I thought of a buuuuurrrrr-illiant invention. One of the neighbours had a lawn sprinkler. And while it was making its ptsss-ptsss-ptsss sound, I thought it could be good to have the sprinkler linked via a computer to your hi-fi. And something could regulate the ptsss-ptsss-ptsss so that it was in sync with the music. Perfect for 50 Cent’s garden, don’t you agree?

Annyway, being there made me realise how much I’d like a garden of my own. A lawn to mow, seeds to sow, tomatoes to grow, using a hoe, dandelion clocks to blow, watching a crow, seeing a neighbour and saying hello, leaving footprints in the virgin winter snow, sitting on the patio, drinking a nice Bordeaux, listening to Status Quo, having a wasp, err, sting my toe

Written by Craig

June 23rd, 2005 at 12:04 pm

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  1. I know what you mean. We have a little back patio in our house in Brixton and it’s amazing to come down in the morning to a huge whiff of roses and jasmine, watch the progress of the thistles and the funny plant we don’t know the name of, picking fresh herbs for cooking, and in the current massive heatwave listening to Ed Harcourt and Keith Jarrett and Arcade Fire (no Quo, sadly) with the fresh Bordeaux. Or similar. It will come some time, Craig.

    Ian Mac

    23 Jun 05 at 14:19

  2. We have a flat on the eastside of Milwaukee, and are lucky because it is far enough out to have a lawn and small backyard. Our landlord has done wonders and turned it into a lovely, blooming place with flowers and plants and little statues of all sorts. It has an especially magic quality as the sun begins to fail.

    But, even though we can use and enjoy the space…it isn’t ours. We don’t have to water the flowers or tend to the herbs…so there is a feeling of disconnect…as though you are entering someone else’s carefully cultivated peaceful green space. Like you, I want my own. I want to be out in the evenings watering the plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables with my high tech hose (sans fag), but it will have to wait until something like a house actually becomes affordable on our budget.

    At least we get to use our landlord’s backyard until then.


    23 Jun 05 at 16:29

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head there, Becki. I always feel like that about any rented flats I live in. Especially those in Berlin, where you have to repaint the whole flat white when you leave. Although I like this idea in theory, in practice it means I have no desire to do anything colour-wise inside the flat. And the flat always remains someone else’s, not mine.


    24 Jun 05 at 10:04

  4. It’s me again, Craig, THAT Patrick ;) I could really relate to what you are writing in this entry here. Not wanting to move out of Berlin, we decided to rent our own little Schrebergarten.

    Doesn’t sound like the coolest thing on earth at first glance (do sound & glance go together? not really, huh?), does it, but during the break of that fantastic game you were so lucky to watch live in Istanbul (I obviously only watched it on tv) I was wandering about barefooted on the lawn of the Schrebergarten, and I had similar feelings to the ones you are describing here, one of them being “How nice it is to walk on the grass, knowing it is actually yours, clean of cigarette stubs, urine and all the other stuff you would suspect to encounter in/on a lawn in a public park …”. I guess I’m getting old and spiessig.

    Well, we should really meet for bowling and a little tour to our Schrebergarten in Schöneberg soon.


    24 Jun 05 at 15:50

  5. Okay, dude, first of all: congratulations on becoming an old man. The second that frickin’ gardening starts sounding appealing, you know you’re on the way. Plus, Status Quo. You can claim it was just because it rhymed, but the jury won’t buy it.

    Second of all: great photo.

    Third of all: I’m finished.


    24 Jun 05 at 18:34

  6. Patrick – Yeah, I should think about one of those, they’re kinda nice. I’d quite like one near a lake so I could buy a little sailing boat and pretend I’m in the Americas Cup.
    Paul – Thanks, I’ve come to terms with middle age creeping slowly into my socks. Status Quo… well, yeah, I do kinda like some of their songs. Down Down is undoubtedly a fantastic song. And I’ve come to appreciate Rockin’ All Over The World after it was played on the PA after LFC won the Champions League (did I mention that I went to that game..?). See also We Will Rock You and the silly Uefa “theme”, which I always hated until I was stood there looking at the teams ready to kick off. Glad you like the photo, I was worried the neighbours though I was a perv as I crouched next to a bush taking what to them would have looked like photos of their patio.


    24 Jun 05 at 18:50

  7. Down Down was a staple of John Peel’s Dj sets. I heard him play it on three separate occasions. And you can’t argue with that really.

    Ian Mac

    27 Jun 05 at 11:11

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