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Minipops Nos. 820-846

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There’s a bunch of new Minipops on Flip Flop Flyin’ today. Including such greats as Terry Wogan, Dixie Chicks, Kid Carpet, The Lohan, Prince Harry, Don Quixote, the ugly-brain US soldier, Lyndie England, and that fellow above these words, Napoleon Dynamite.

Written by Craig

June 16th, 2005 at 8:16 pm

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  1. I love all of ’em. But who’s the ugly-brain US soldier?

    Alexandra Elisabeth

    17 Jun 05 at 22:56

  2. Lyndie England, she who mistreated prisonners.

    Where’s that minipop of Dr Rice, then?

    George in Grasse

    18 Jun 05 at 17:25

  3. Oh, that girl is indeed ugly-brained.

    I dunno. Where is it?

    Alexandra Elisabeth

    18 Jun 05 at 19:19

  4. Alex: my fault, i think i should have not put a comma between “ugly-brain US soldier” and “Lyndie England”.
    George: is that Condaleeza that you’re talking about? Yeh, she’s fairly regularly requested.. for a politician. I’ll be trying to do her soon. (as a Minipop, not, y’know “do” her.)


    18 Jun 05 at 21:36

  5. Alex: it’s here


    18 Jun 05 at 21:41

  6. haha, the napoleon dynamite one is flippin’ sweet!


    20 Jun 05 at 02:53

  7. I once saw Terry Wogan, but I was so far away that he was about that big.


    21 Jun 05 at 19:16

  8. Craig: Thanks, I love it. Got any more soldier minipops? :)

    Alexandra Elisabeth

    21 Jun 05 at 20:45

  9. Errr, there’s Napoleon…


    21 Jun 05 at 21:16

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