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Music for a summer’s day

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This is almost perfect for a nice hot day like today. Don’t know much about it other than a link arrived in my inbox and it’s a 58 minute mix by Air. It’d be perfect if it was an mp3, but it’s not, it’s only a Real player file. It’s got some lovely stuff on it: Gram Parsons, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Harry Nilsson, Glen Campbell, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, some lass singing in French, and Air themselves.

Written by Craig

June 23rd, 2005 at 4:10 pm

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  1. It doesn’t seem to work on my mac,is it my new qtime?.

    mark smolders

    24 Jun 05 at 09:03

  2. That happened on mine too. Thought it might just be me. I copied the URL and opened RealOne player and pasted the address in and it worked fine.


    24 Jun 05 at 09:54

  3. Thanks .

    By the way (i’m thinking of moving to Berlin) .
    In the beginning how did you prevent from going Loco all by yourself as a workaloner? FFF , or did you already have friends there ?.


    24 Jun 05 at 12:22

  4. I had a job to come to, so that helped. And I knew one person, who was pretty helpful.


    24 Jun 05 at 12:52

  5. I’d forgotten just how good air are. I wonder… is the album ‘talkie walkie’ worth me spending £10 of my hard earned money on?


    25 Jun 05 at 17:08

  6. I dunno… it depends which Air you like. If you liked Moon Safari, then maybe you should buy it; but if, like me, you were disappointed that they didn’t carry on getting weirder after 10000Hz Legend, then maybe don’t bother.


    25 Jun 05 at 18:16

  7. Their soundtrack to the Virgin Suicides is ace. Not that anyone asked…


    25 Jun 05 at 20:15

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