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My Coldplay review

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Simple Minds after they were good (Once Upon A Time onwards) + James when they were a bit boring (Seven-era) + “make this sound like The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshau Tree without the specifics, just the melancholy washes of Eno-y synths” + awful lyrics + desire to fill a stadium with cigarette lighters + Computer Love ruined on a guitar + a few nice melodies = X&Y

Written by Craig

June 7th, 2005 at 11:09 am

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16 Responses to 'My Coldplay review'

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  1. Thanks, my thoughts exactly. Worse than U2 and that is really something to achieve…


    7 Jun 05 at 13:15

  2. Ooh Craig – harsh but fair.


    7 Jun 05 at 15:46

  3. Well, I don’t dislike Coldplay (and I like U2), it’s just always a bit of a disappointment when bands seem to be seeking superstardom over their own creativity. Whether you like Radiohead or not, at least they did what they wanted to with their records when they could quite easily have made The Bends over and over again to become more and more popular.
    (Says the bloke who keeps on doing more and more Minipops…)


    7 Jun 05 at 17:05

  4. [off topic] Craig, speaking of Radiohead, didn’t you have at some point a Casiotone-ish version of Creep available on FFF? I’ve been looking all over the Web for it, but I have the feeling it was on your site…[/off topic]


    7 Jun 05 at 20:18

  5. Benp, that wasn’t me, and I don’t know of it, either. BUT, I did do a version their song The National Anthem. It’s here: http://www.flipflopflyin.com/hpa/48_kidf.html


    7 Jun 05 at 21:09

  6. Thanks Craig, I guess that’ll do until I find what I’m looking for ;-)


    7 Jun 05 at 21:25

  7. Coldplay = Journey


    8 Jun 05 at 05:03

  8. hallelujah!
    coldplay are the musical equivalent of medium sliced white bread – it does a job, but it’s as boring as hell. and the only bread you can buy at 10pm from the spar.
    now, can we start laying in to razorlight or daft punk please?

    dom marsh

    8 Jun 05 at 10:39

  9. Razorlight… I just don’t get it.
    Daft Punk… Oooh, I like them!


    8 Jun 05 at 11:10

  10. It’s gonna be a sad summer. Coldplay album being panned (not heard it myself), new Foo Fighters album decidely indifferent (from what I’ve heard of it myself) ditto the new White Stripes (which I’ve, er, possibly… er.. heard all of), and I’ve got to survive R.E.M. in Balloch in a couple of weeks off the back of their shockingly bad last album.

    Where are the saviours? Razorlight? Kaiser Chiefs, The Doves??? ha ha!

    Seriously. I’m worried about this.

    When’s the next Radiohead album out!!


    8 Jun 05 at 17:21

  11. i liked them, but they’ve turned in to a stars-in-their-eyes version of kraftwerk/emerson lake & palmer!


    8 Jun 05 at 17:30

  12. There isn’t an elevator ride long enough for this Coldplay record. But really, who’s surprised? Aside from Clocks, the last record was awful.

    jnuh jnuh

    9 Jun 05 at 07:18

  13. Dammit – at the risk of sounding dangerously uncool, I’m starting to like it. Especially “What If”. Ok, so I’m a bit soppy. Sue me.


    9 Jun 05 at 13:46

  14. Gordon – Status Quo might save us.
    WDYHSSS – Clocks was one of the songs I didn’t like off the last album. I liked that album a lot.
    Ailsab – Don’t worry, I’m still going to see them live next week…


    9 Jun 05 at 14:05

  15. I think it’s really dull.
    I also think it’s going to be one of the biggest selling albums ever.


    10 Jun 05 at 12:21

  16. You’re going to see them live next week? *is jealous*
    Despite their latest album being a little bit below what I’d expected… thats still something I’d love to do!


    11 Jun 05 at 17:41

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