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My second Coldplay review

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So, Coldplay live last night. We drove all the way to Hamburg to see them, but the weather was okay, we had an iPod in the car, so woo hoo. The venue was really nice, a big open air thingy. Sadly, the support act was Richard Ashcroft. After we’d endured him, it was time for the main act, the most charistmatic, inventive, imaginitively-named band of the 21st Century: Cooooooooldplaaaaaaaaay! And, oooh, they were actually really really good. I held up my cigarette lighter at the right points and I clapped along LOADS! And I take back everything I said in my other Coldplay review, and we travelled home smiling and happy.

Okay, I told a bit of a lie in the above paragraph.

Actually, I told lots of lies.

We, err, didn’t go. We kinda got our days mixed up. I’d written it down as being on Thursday 16 June on my iCal. When I looked at the tickets magnetted to the fridge yesterday, I noticed it said 15 Juni 2005. I made a confused face like Joey off Friends, cos even my poor German can translate Juni to June. Then I spoke to Hanni: “Err, Coldplay is tonight.” After much discussion about the logisitcs of getting there, we organised a plan to get there, and thought: fuck it, can’t be arsed…

So we stayed in, ate liquorice allsorts, and watched Germany v Australia on the telly. (Germany won 4-3, by the way.)

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June 16th, 2005 at 10:47 am

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  1. Probably just as well, someone tall would have stood in front of you or clapped in your ear all night.

    Best avoided.


    16 Jun 05 at 15:21

  2. Yeh, you’re right. I’d only have found something else to moan about.


    16 Jun 05 at 20:35

  3. And you would have loathed Richard Ashcroft even more ‘cos he was brilliant which must be horror for someone who does not like him.


    17 Jun 05 at 11:49

  4. That’s the best review ever – and it made me laugh!


    18 Jun 05 at 01:37

  5. It seems the SFGate agrees with your first review…


    18 Jun 05 at 15:48

  6. does that stand for sci-fi or san francisco? just wanna check before i click the link and inadvertantly end up in a Star Trekky place…


    18 Jun 05 at 21:33

  7. LOL! Yes, that would be San Francisco :-)


    18 Jun 05 at 21:36

  8. excellent, i’ll go look now, then.


    18 Jun 05 at 21:45

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