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Today’s been a day of bad news. Nothing life changing or anything, just a shitty day. The work I’ve been doing for the last week has been shelved for one reason or another. I’m sad about that. Not only cos I’d put in a lot of hours to get it done on time, but I was proud of it. The people I was working with on it liked it a lot, but ultimately the client said no to it going ahead.

Then I was looking at Brian Wilson’s website and trawling through the (mostly tedious) message board, and noticed that someone mentioned the Berlin concert on Saturday. La la la, I thought, I’ve got 5th row tickets- oh, balls, it’s cancelled. Seems he’s in town, playing at Berlin’s Live 8 in the afternoon, but has cancelled his evening show. Black clouds gather over my head.
Quick find the music that you listened to this morning when you were in a bad mood: scroll scroll scroll Pantera click.

I’m not sure that I understand why someone would have to cancel a concert beginning at 8pm when the venue’s about a kilometer away from Live 8. Pffff, but that’s life, I guess.

Maybe I’ll just cut out the above drawing, tie it to a piece of string, and go and stand outside the venue and listen to a live album on the iPod.

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June 30th, 2005 at 5:03 pm

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  1. Well, you know, it’s Brian. Whilst being a certified fruit loop is great for the creativity and mystique, not so good for reliability.

    Imagine, though, if you did go to the venue with your iPod. And so did everyone else with a ticket, and you all pressed play at the same time. And then Brian showed up, with his own iPod, and started miming.

    I think Brian would be down with that. C’mon, Mr Wilson! Whaddya say?


    30 Jun 05 at 17:28

  2. Here’s the thing. I’m a big fan of Brian Wilson. My website is named after a Beach Boys song. They were the first band I ever Minipop-ped.
    But there seems to be this aura these days where one’s not allowed to criticise him at all. When was the last time you saw a negative review? I can’t remember seeing one.
    And I’m not pissed off that he’s cancelled the concert; I’m pissed off why he cancelled the concert. Were he sick or there were a genuinely good reason for him not playing, fine.
    But it annoys me that he chose to play at Berlin’s Live 8 and cancel his show here. The concert before is in Ireland, the concert after is in Denmark. Why bother coming to Berlin?
    That he blow’s out a few thousand of people who love his music in favour of playing in front of random people who are at Live 8 for many reasons that may or may not include seeing 4 or 5 Beach Boys songs performed; it’s just a little bit insulting.
    Of course, Live 8: good cause and all that, but…


    30 Jun 05 at 17:50

  3. Well, I’ve just read that it was decision of the promotors to cancel the show, so I skulk out of here muttering, “Sorry, Brian”


    30 Jun 05 at 18:18

  4. Ryan Adams has cancelled his tour due to an ear infection so I am not going to see him this year after he had to cancel last year because he fell off the stage. So I am equally pissed!


    30 Jun 05 at 18:40

  5. Oooh, two years in a row. Bummer.

    Anyway, this Brian thing is turning into a mystery: I’ve just checked the promoter’s website and they say, and this is Babelfish’s translation and a bit of my own mushed together:
    The concert is cancelled … Brian Wilson was asked by Bob Geldof to play [Live 8] on the same day in Berlin.

    so who decided to cancel the show, Scooby Doo?
    and more important, who reading this, apart from me, cares?


    30 Jun 05 at 18:46

  6. No-one else cares, that’s who!
    But if you’ve read this far, I’ll finish up: apparently ticket sales for the Berlin show were poor, thus the cancellation.
    Mystery solved.
    Still, I’m sad.


    30 Jun 05 at 20:09

  7. I think you should apologise to Mr Wilson. Little poor diddy Ryan cancels because of an ear infection – Brian on the other hand only has one working ear, has suffered countless breakdowns, spent the odd year in bed and has audial hallucinations.

    If you lived in London medialand you’d have heard plenty of cyncial stuff about Wilson being a fruitcake who just mimes for the sake of a tribute band and how distasteful his ‘comeback’ was. I think it’s pretty clear now that such an opinion is patently bollocks – his voice is better than most rock dinosaurs his age and it’s clearly ongoing therapy for him to be doing his recent tours – rather than him being there for the benefit of the band it’s definitely vice versa.

    And I imagine being on the same night as Live8 (I hate that fucking name) would make promoters want to pull the plug for most acts.

    *rant ends*


    30 Jun 05 at 21:49

  8. PS ‘audial’? sorry I meant auditory.

    anyway, how can you not love this little face:



    30 Jun 05 at 21:57

  9. Forgive me if I’m out of order, but I think that two concerts in one day would be too much for the aging Mr Wilson?


    1 Jul 05 at 11:01

  10. so, was the Live& thingy worth it?


    2 Jul 05 at 23:23

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