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Sleep etc.

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I had a bad night’s sleep last night. A sweaty night, waking up with a mouth as dry as sawdust. I dreamt of blogging, too. I was sat here at my desk, typing about very specific things: the post office, Oasis, Dire Straits and the new restaurant that is set to open a couple of doors down from my flat. (Notice I didn’t dream about L******** F******* C***.)

So, I figure I should write something about all of those things today.

1. The post office
I don’t like going there at the best of times. The bad service and the seemingly random pricing policy being my main gripes. But yesterday when I was there, I had to pick up a letter that needed signing for. They’d tried to deliver it while I was in Istanbul, so I traipsed along to pick it up. They asked to see my ID before I could get my letter, and the woman wrote down my passport number before giving me the letter. Am I alone in worrying about this? Why do they need my passport number when I’m just picking up a letter? Am I being paranoid? This all ties in, really, with my hatred of the idea of the British government planning ID cards for all her citizens, treating everyone like criminals rather than human beings who just happen to have been born on an island just off the coast of continental Europe.

2. Oasis
Not their music, but their artwork. You’d think the law of averages would mean that one day they’d put out a record which had good artwork. Not happened yet, though, has it? One day, Noel Gallagher’s gonna open Photoshop on his computer, play around with the filters for a few minutes, and realise that some graphic designers have been ripping him off.

3. Dire Straits
I saw something in Mojo magazine that there’s a 20th anniversary edition of Brothers In Arms coming out. My God, this makes me feel old. I was 14 when my Dad bought the tape and we had it on constant rotation (alternating with Queen’s Greatest Hits) in the car. It’s an album that I still listen to occasionally, and an album I still enjoy a lot.

4. Amooa
That’s the name of the new restaurant that has been worked on for a while now. The last couple of days, they’ve put up signs and re-painted the ooutside of the building. And, amazingly, for two days it has managed to stay graffiti free. I’m sure that’ll change soon, though, and slide back into line with the rest of the spray-paint scarred street. Still not sure, though, what type of food they’ll be serving…

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June 1st, 2005 at 1:14 pm

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  1. But you certainly are aware of the fact that it is the law (and already has been for a long time) for Germans in Germany to have and carry an id card (i.e. “Personalausweis”) with them?

    D. Piddy

    1 Jun 05 at 14:35

  2. I certainly am, and this is one reason why I don’t look forward to having to own one when Blair get’s his evil way. Do you notice how often Germans have to show the ausweis to people? It seems there’s not a week goes by where I don’t see Hanni having to show it to some jumped-up fool in a uniform about something. Why should anyone have their passport number (or ausweis number or whatever) taken down on an official post office piece of paperwork just to pick up a letter that was sent to them? I think my point here is any sort of ID that you are required by law to carry turns you from an individual human being into something that is controlled by the state. The much misused word ‘freedom’, to me, should mean freedom to not have to prove who I am to a policeman, post office clerk, ticket inspector, etc.


    1 Jun 05 at 14:53

  3. I apologise for the apostrophe placed in the word “gets” above. It was a mistake. I will now go down to the Punctuation Amt, take a number, wait for three hours, and present my passport, so they can officially document my crime and collect my €100 penalty.


    1 Jun 05 at 14:55

  4. Oasis: I quite like the inside of the gatefold sleeve on their first album, even though it’s just a rip-off of every 60s album ever. Hmm, funny that…


    1 Jun 05 at 20:34

  5. I think this is why I find Oasis’ artwork annoying: they have such “classic” taste in music, why is that not visible on the record sleeves? Noel Gallagher seems clever enough to know that the whole package is what people will remember, not just the songs. When you think of Revolver or Rubber Soul, the great sleeves pop into my head just as much as the songs.


    2 Jun 05 at 10:43

  6. In the States we call it CYA: The woman at the Post is just taking it down in case the REAL Craig comes in later and wants his post. She can then tell him which Craig picked it up.

    I’ve lived in Germany seven years and I’ve never once had someone ask me for my ID anywhere other than the Post or the airport.

    Oddly, Germany is a much freer place than the U.S. (even pre-Bush) despite all the laws that appear to be to the contrary.


    2 Jun 05 at 12:06

  7. Oasis: they obviously need you to do some wibbly line drawings of them climbing all over each other’s heads


    2 Jun 05 at 14:10

  8. Damn right.


    2 Jun 05 at 14:16

  9. ‘llo Craig,
    I wouldn’t worry too much about ID cards, it all seems such a farce right now. I was watching the channel 4 news the other day and they worked out that with all the Id card centres that the Gouvernment are planning to open, it’ll take 50 years to issue cards to every one in the U.K!


    6 Jun 05 at 14:37

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