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Oh dear, what a day so far.

You know when in films or on TV shows they spin the camera around a character to indicate that he’s overwhelmed or losing it. That’s me today.

I had another dodgy night’s sleep: working til around 4am on the forthcoming FFF does Istanbul feature, so, rather than wake up Hanni by stumbling into the bedroom and fidgeting for half an hour, I decided to sleep on the sofa in my office. Fast forward through dreams of massive waves crashing onto Brighton beach and leaving coloured sand hillocks all over the sea front, and being in a plane that crashed into Helmholzplatz (just around the corner from my flat) – and putting up with sleeping with Billy hogging most of the sofa, and I’m awake and knackered and in a grumpy bastard mood.

Not made better by some hippy’s dog having a go at Billy as we walked to the coffee shop. Not made better by the woman in front of me in said shop yakking on and on and on.

And my memory today! Good Lord, I’m having trouble holding any thought in my head for more than a few minutes. I did have something that I really wanted to write about today, but because I didn’t make a note of it, it’s gone. And it’s one of those days where nothing seems right. Everything’s an inch away from being normal. Seeing four ticket inspectors on one train journey. Annoying phonecalls. Hearing a bunch of British tourists talking so loudly that they could teach American tourists a thing or two about volume. Finding The Coral’s new album in the Pop racks not the Indie section.

And damn motherfucking Mac OSX Tiger being the worst thing I’ve ever experienced on a computer. Honestly, in the month that I’ve had it installed, and after ooh-ing and aah-ing at the Dashboard Widgets, it’s almost as bad as the dying days of my 1998 iMac. It’s so bad that I’m not even gonna bother with making some stupid joke about the stupid Mac feline naming system (oh, alright then, I will: Mac OSX Tiger? Mac OSX Fat, blind, Ginger Tom, more like!). Safari is really slow; things keep “unexpectedly quitting”; I can’t double click a Photoshop document anymore to open it, I have to go via the Open thing in the drop down menu; iPhoto… well, that’s always been ultra slow; my whole working day slows down to a crawl sometimes.

But, of course, it could be worse. At least I didn’t step in dog poo this morning like someone I know.

(PS. I’ve not bothered to proof-read the above rant, any mistakes will simply enhance the feeling of confusion I’m trying to portray.)

Written by Craig

June 3rd, 2005 at 3:29 pm

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  1. tiger is fine on my machine :-)


    3 Jun 05 at 18:39

  2. I’ll take a brief moment to whore my widget: Ceefax Viewer. Thanks.

    Now, Craig, reinstalling Photoshop solves that problem. Also, what version of iPhoto are you using? And have you repair permissions using Disk Utility in a while?


    Matt Sephton

    3 Jun 05 at 18:58

  3. What’s happened to your joie de vivre, Craig? ;-)
    Sorry you’re having such a bad day.
    Not sleeping enough does that to me as well; it’s like having a hangover without the fun (drinking and partying) part.
    About your Mac, I suggest you install this and follow the instructions. Got me out of trouble a few times.


    3 Jun 05 at 19:10

  4. Ciaran: I’m happy for you.
    Matt: Apologies for not replying to your email about this. I will install it soon, I promise. And thanks for the tips, I’ll give them a go. It’s iPhoto… erm, the one that came with iLife 05. I daren’t even open it to check which version it is as it slows everything down like there’s a strike at Calais or something. Anyone know a way to stop it automatically oopening up when I connect my camera?
    Benp: My joie de vivre came back a little bit when I ate a lovely salad, but then I chucked a toy for Billy down the hall and smashed the antique ceramic light-fitting into many pieces. Hurrah. Thanks for the Applejack link.


    3 Jun 05 at 21:38

  5. to stop iphoto05 opening etc etc

    apps>>>image capture >>>preferrnces >>>general
    >>when a camera is connected, open: choose “no Application”


    4 Jun 05 at 15:58

  6. hi. sorry to hear about your awful day.
    just as i had been wooed and won over by dashboard and lovely imac g5 enough to take the plunge to move over to mac from pc, even after hearing vague rumours that OSX tigerrrr had shortcomings, you tell me it’s terrrrible. again my life is plunged into turmoil! oh well serves me right for being so superficial. i mean it shouldn’t really matter that microsoft graphics are so ugly and that i can only run 2 apps at a time on my windows 98 system.
    perhaps you are right. apple should name their operating systems after something other than big cats. maybe domestic dogs would be more appropriate (not cocker spaniels)
    OSX 10.5 “pointer” sounds a bit too efficient. “poodle” might be better. poodles are supposed to be intelligent after all. the raptor of the dog world. and scary too.
    hope things have cheered up for you. it’s pissing with rain here in blighty.


    5 Jun 05 at 13:44

  7. Ciaran: thank you! thank you!
    Anonymous: OS Dogs would be lovely. I wonder where Apple will go with their naming policy: the logical conclusion is when they get to the apex of OS X, they’ll call it Lion. But seeing as though this latest one is Tiger, what could possibly be coming between now and then? Maybe the next step IS Lion, which, hopefully, will rock.


    5 Jun 05 at 15:51

  8. The next step might be Apple running OS X on Intel chips if the rumours are true (we shall see tomorrow)… are these the halcyon days of Mac?—the salad days are long gone, I wonder what other types of days there could be?


    5 Jun 05 at 23:48

  9. Craig, open iPhoto up and then leave it to do it’s thing for an hour or so. over lunch, or breakfast or a dog walk. It needs to regenerate it’s thumbnails. After that all should be good.

    Matt Sephton

    7 Jun 05 at 01:58

  10. I’ll give that a go.


    7 Jun 05 at 11:24

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