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Blisters soon

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It’s an obvious thing, but nonetheless it’s true: New York is like being in a film. Not that I have delusions of being Brad Pitt or something, but the streets, their names, the buildings, the shops, the products; they’re all so familiar from books, TV and films. This morning, I was in Washington Square, and zing! that’s where Meg Ryan dropped off Billy Crystal when they arrived in New York in When Harry Met Sally. Yesterday, I looked at a map, saw Riverside Park, and zing! I’m thinking of Uncle Leo’s son going over “to sort out their operation” in Seinfeld. It could quite possibly never stop. There’s too many book/film/telly references: You’ve Got Mail, American Psycho, The New York Trilogy, Taxi Driver, Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud, Naive. Super, Seinfeld, Wall Street, Friends, Manhattan, The Godfather, Rosemary’s Baby, Sex and The City, Annie Hall, Sleepless In Seattle, Big, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Saturday Night Fever, Cartlito’s Way, Ghostbusters, When Harry Met Sally, The King Of Comedy…

I spent most of yesterday working (not before I’d gone a couple of blocks to just stand in front of the Brill Building and imagine all those great songs being written inside of that building 40-odd years ago). I’ve been set up in a little room so I can do my Minipopping for the client. I’ve got a temporary pass for the building: I’m a New Yorker for a couple of weeks!

In the evening, I went to see some art at the Japan Society. A show called Little Boy with some delicious stuff on display by lots of young Japanese artists. Photogrpahy was not allowed, so I had to take these discreet shots with the camera sneakily poking out of my pocket.

A friend told me which train to take to get there, but even though I know I’ll end up with blisters, I can’t bring myself to use the subway: I’ll miss so much by being underground. So again, this morning I decided to walk walk walk. I got up nice and early, had some delicious eggs Benedict for breakfast in the hotel, then set off. No map, no real plan, I just started walking.
The one thing I wanted to do was get to the Empire State Building fairly early to avoid the queues. Even so, it was pretty busy up there, and on this nice warm clear day, I could see for miles.

Then off down through Madison Square Park, stopped, had a coffee, watched the dogs in the little dog park and missed Billy, down down down, through a lovely market and Union Square, another street market near Washington Square, to Greenwich Village, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown.

I’m just chilling for a while now, enjoying the air conditioning in my room before I head off to PS1 this afternoon.
I made a pact with myself to try and note cool things, and be an interesting blogger, but at the moment, I’m too wide-eyed. Sorry about that.
And thanks to everyone who’s left comments and tips of things to see and do.

Written by Craig

July 23rd, 2005 at 2:10 pm

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  1. Good to see you’re enjoying yourself. Berlin, New York, London… When does FFF do Paris?


    23 Jul 05 at 20:48

  2. wow, dude. I’m jealous.
    How did you manage to get upgraded? Did you ask or did they just tell you? That’s never happened to anyone I know.
    My weekend has been nearly as exciting: I’ve put all my books into cardboard boxes, after chucking a load of rubbish ones away. Then I put loads of CDs in a bag to sell, and burned a load more onto iTunes so I could sell them. And carried boxes into the landing, and carried rubbish down to the tip.
    The one plus point is I’ve found a Sly Stone album I haven’t listened to in 15 years, and it’s put me in a very good mood.


    23 Jul 05 at 20:50

  3. Hey man, the wide-eyed thing is working for us.

    That wig shot totally freaked me out. 100% human hair.

    Where do they… get it all?

    Oh yeah! Hairdressers. Doy.


    23 Jul 05 at 20:58

  4. Anon – I’d like to know that to.
    Dave – I knew I was in a middle seat in coach, so I asked how much an upgrade would cost and was told the flight was pretty full. And I was friendly and chatty and after he’d checked my passport and stuff, he said, well, it looks like coach is totally full, I’ll be upgrdaing you, sir. It was a joyous moment.
    Paul – I’m glad, then! Yeh, the wig thing. It’s a scary thought. My old hair could be on some Berlin lady’s head now! Oh, and in answer to your other comment, the new Fever Pitch is a bit rubbish. No real relation to the UK version, it’s just a love story with a sport geek, baseball instead of football.


    23 Jul 05 at 21:06

  5. Yes, yes, bit more importantly.. how does Miss Congeniality 2 match up to the original?

    PS My friend flew to Canada and missed a ringside seat view of the Aurora Borealis.. because he was busy watching Aliens Vs Predator and ignored the stewardess when she tried to get his attention.


    23 Jul 05 at 22:30

  6. Thanks for your report, Craig. I totally love NYC also.


    23 Jul 05 at 23:33

  7. Miss Congeniality 2 was, well, I’ve not seen the first one, but it was okay at diverting my attention from the fact that I was in an aeroplane for 90 mins or so. I must say, I quite like Sandra Bullock. She just seems nice. And fair play to her for succeeding with a surname like that.


    24 Jul 05 at 06:08

  8. you’ve just reminded me of something. My friend Kev (I think you’ve met him?) went to school with a guy who’s surname was Ollock. Guess what his nickname was? …Esticle.


    25 Jul 05 at 12:18

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