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Our washing machine is broken. Another example of the domestication and adult-ification of my life. Not that there’s anything particularly mental about having a washing machine. It’s just, having a repair man in the flat reminds me that I’m no longer a kid. I mean, I know this, but it’s easy to fool yourself sometimes. But I work, pay taxes, buy pictures in frames instead of posters, watch Sopranos DVD box sets: all adult things. Sometimes things come along and remind you that life is going on, you’re not getting younger; like boink! vet bill, blamm! 25th anniversary editions of an album I bought on vinyl. I’m not wallowing, just noticing.

And it’s a reminder that I kinda miss going to the launderette. I don’t miss the schlep down there with heavy bags on a rainy winter’s evening, but I do miss doing something boring. Boring chores often give me time to think. Many a Flip Flop Flyin’ story began as a crumb of an idea as I sat and watched my socks spin ’round.

One thing that’s still the same, though, is this late night working stuff. I’m sat in front of my computer some nights til three or four in the morning; just as ten years ago, I’d have been sat at a desk with pens, pencils, Dymo and Scotch tape, beavering away on another notebook of pre-FFF crap. Maybe one day, I’ll scan some of that stuff and show you.

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July 13th, 2005 at 12:37 am

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  1. it’s funny how some things remind you more than others how time passed. you do “adult things” all the time, and you enjoy it, happy that you’re independent and you can afford things that you didn’t use to, but suddenly something reminds you that you’re not only an adult, you’re old too. at least 8 or 10 years older than the last time you stopped counting.

    it’d be great to be perfectly balanced between being a kid and being an adult: the income, intelligence and experience of being an adult, plus the energy, tastes and illusion o being a kid. they should invento something about that…


    13 Jul 05 at 13:55

  2. “Adulthood” strikes me especially when i go to the bank or post office and realise that the counsellor i’m talking to is my age…you’re not a young student managing against an adult but you’re meant to be an adult talking to an adult…!! ;-)


    13 Jul 05 at 16:21

  3. im so jealous that you have your own washing machine! hey, you can still sit infront of it, and watch the clothes getting clean, right? and in a more comfortable setting, whenever you want (3am ?). what is dymo by the way?


    13 Jul 05 at 16:59

  4. going into a bank and the people there not berating me for a £10 cheque bouncing… that’s a sign of being a comfortable adult…

    Dymo is the tape you stick in a little hand-held machine, and you twist a wheel to choose a letter and it stamps letters into the tape. See every “nu” punk rock single sleeve ever, and most of The Libertines record covers seem to use it…


    13 Jul 05 at 18:20

  5. Our tumble dryer is broken. Somehow I still expect an adult to sort it out – then I realise I am the adult who has to sort it out. Can I not regress to being a teenager until someone else finds a repair company, arranges a time for someone to be in the house, decide if the repairs are economically viable, pay for the repairs and then start on the backlog of clothes needing dried? Please?


    14 Jul 05 at 10:18

  6. Worst thing about being an adult for me is being aware of people like Ashley Cole. Ashley was born three days after me, yet seems to have caught up and overtaken me in the achievment stakes somewhat.

    Also, I can have conversations with kids who weren’t even born when I sat my GCSEs.


    15 Jul 05 at 14:17

  7. GCSEs? Aaah, my child… O Levels: that’s being an adult!


    15 Jul 05 at 14:25

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