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“I’ll have the tuna”

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This is the only touristy photo that I’d thought about getting before I came out to New York. Tom’s Restaurant. The one used for exterior shots of Monk’s Cafe in Seinfeld. (Insert slapping bass here.)

Even though it was still hot in the late afternoon, I decided to go for a walk in Central Park last night. I got the subway up to W 110th Street, walked up a couple of blocks to take the Tom’s photo, then doubled back and walked down Broadway for 10 blocks, then cut across to get to the park. There was a sad ill looking dog on the street, just stood there in the middle of the pavement, moving half a step forward, then back. A fellow pedestrian and I both watched the dog, exchanged a sad glance and had a brief chat about him. Aaah! I talked to someone on the street! So happy!

When I got to the park I was pretty glad I’d not explored the other option for the evening, to go shopping downtown. The temperature was far less oppressive in the park and there were squirrels which is always a bonus in any situation.

Everything you see in movies about Central Park seems to be true. It’s full of joggers, people walking dogs, playing frisbee or throwing baseballs. Old folks watching the world go by, students reading books and making notes. Couples snogging, cyclists pedalling, rollerbladers rollerblading, children playing, friendly homeless folks bumming cigarettes of smokers, tourists photographing or, for that matter, making mental notes about what to blog about.

Here’s some photos.

Over to the edge of the park to get a photo of the building where John Lennon lived and died:

By the time I got back to the hotel, I’d walked 65 blocks. Hot and sweaty with aching feet, I sat in front of the air conditioner until I got goosebumps.

Oh, one last thing: I’ve been wanting to do try beef jerky for a long time. I finally did so last night. And Europe, I can report the following: it is horrible. Like trying to eat a slightly-spicy leather wallet.

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July 27th, 2005 at 9:52 am

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  1. They don’t have beef jerky in Europe!?!

    Oh, and as usual…thank you for letting us take a vicarious trip to NY through your blog…the pictures are lovely.

    Heartily agree about squirrels…a whole family of red squirrels lives in our backyard and the youngsters are terribly funny and naughty.


    27 Jul 05 at 17:43

  2. Have you seen any grey squirrels yet? Better be careful around the New York ones, they’ll come right up and steal your food from you. And your wallet. They’re still cool though.

    Thoroughly Amused

    27 Jul 05 at 18:26

  3. Yep, I only saw grey ones in the park.
    It’s nice to see squirrels that aren’t scared of humans.


    27 Jul 05 at 18:50

  4. Yeah, there like cats only with smaller heads.

    Thoroughly Amused

    27 Jul 05 at 23:23

  5. And bushier tails…


    28 Jul 05 at 10:38

  6. So where are the pictures of the squirrels?


    28 Jul 05 at 11:07

  7. I didn’t even know what a beef jerky was…
    And on reflection, thats probably a good thing.
    I’m such a poor, naive European.


    28 Jul 05 at 12:50

  8. i tried taking squirrel photos, but they were a bit blurry.


    28 Jul 05 at 13:22

  9. Still on the topic of squirrels, did you see they trained them to crack nuts in the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4702653.stm


    29 Jul 05 at 13:31

  10. Is the Diana Ross playground full of kids playing ‘soccer’ and missing huge oversize goals?


    1 Aug 05 at 11:50

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