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When things happen like have happened today, everything gets put in perspective.
There I was, blabbering about idioms; looking forward to tonight’s U2 concert; still thinking about whether I still like Steven Gerrard or not after the last few days; London getting the Olympics; all the G8 stuff: then this comes along.
Thankfully, the few people who I thought might’ve been in that area of London have all returned text messages saying they’re okay.
I hope the people you know are okay too.

Written by Craig

July 7th, 2005 at 1:41 pm

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  1. thanks, erm, G. Nicely put. Good to have sites like yours about x


    7 Jul 05 at 14:25

  2. Life has to go on, but I really am struggling to do any work today. It just see pointless.

    I don’t like Steven Gerrard – fighting for £100,000 a week when that would give so many people so much for years…


    7 Jul 05 at 14:46

  3. I’m struggling to work today as well.
    I’m in central London and I’m shaken to say the least.
    Horrible day.

    Simon who likes Cherry Coke

    7 Jul 05 at 15:34

  4. And I thought it was just another crap day trying to get to work… and then the hysterical American at the bus stop, who kept saying ‘I heard it was terrorists – there were bombs!!!’, and me thinking ‘Stupid woman!?!’
    Felt sick when I finally got to work and found out why, what, where,…

    Hmm, tonight I don’t want to live in Soho.

    (P.S Like your site a lot) x


    7 Jul 05 at 15:56

  5. Craig: hope you manage to enjoy U2 tonight and I’m sure that the atmosphere will reflect what’s happened today, but somehow they’ll try and cut through it. Having seen them a few weeks ago my cynicism about Bono has oddly disspiated, though I still think that amount of lawyers’ fees for a hat and a waistcoat is pushing it a bit.
    We are all stunned and can’t really concentrate or do anything productive today. It’s scarily deja vu for me: I was in New York, downtown, on that day in 2001 and I know this is on a scale of incomparable significance to the thousands of deaths that day but the very idea that there may have been fanatical suicide bombers in my city, on my public transport, sitting next to my friends, is a shocker. I’ve been glued to the news all day and seeking refuge in the Arcade Fire, a band that you may or may not have realised (from my blog) has become incredibly important to me this year – shocking really to place such significance on music at my age.
    But it’s a small world we now live in and all this makes us realise is that life is too short and we need to stick together, close to the people we love. Enjoy the show tonight, and big love to Billy and Hanni. That’s it. Hope this didn’t sound too pious.

    Ian Mac

    7 Jul 05 at 17:33

  6. I’m pretty far off on the other side of the country, but I’m distictly shaken, because yesterday, I was down near Portsmouth for a uni open day. My mum wanted to wait until today to travel back – through London, at about 9.00. I insisted we travel last night instead – didn’t get home until 2.00 in the morning… but when I heard what had happened today, it certainly got me thinking a fair bit about fate! It was, literally, pure luck that I wasn’t there at London Liverpool street today.

    There’s my contribution.


    7 Jul 05 at 17:54

  7. Glad yours are all okay. One of mine is still missing.


    7 Jul 05 at 18:17

  8. Yeah, not a pleasant day in the capital. Seems like this plan did slip past the authorities, as the lock-down didn’t seem begin until the first explosion occured (though it was very, very fast after that).

    I’m so sorry for everyone who’s been affected by this. I don’t think the consequences for people are properly in my head yet. I was just glad that all my guys in the area were fine – my three closest friends in London all work in the area, one just off Russell Square.

    Remember though, London’s shrugged off much worse than this. Invasion, plague, fire, blitz, 20 year IRA campaign. It’s been here since before the Romans came, and will still be here long after the bad guys have all blown themselves up.


    7 Jul 05 at 18:48

  9. Finally heard from unaccounted for friend. He’s okay. *Whew*


    7 Jul 05 at 18:49

  10. good to hear J, waht a relief x


    7 Jul 05 at 19:35

  11. Very glad to hear that you and yours are all right. As I’m sure I’ve said before somewhere, London happens to be my favorite city in the world. I hold its people in nothing but the best of memories, and am sending out ridiculously intense good vibes to the entire region.

    I only wish I could do more. Vibes are all very well and good, but they aren’t exactly a hands-on sort of striving. That’s upsetting in and of itself, really: the fact that most of us are only able to vibe. Nevertheless. Here’s vibing at you. All of you.


    8 Jul 05 at 02:03

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