Flip Flop Flying


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The project manager rather generously bought me a stack of NY stuff (NY keyring, NY snowglobe, NYPD little teddy bear, one of those green foam Statue of Liberty crown things) to welcome me to the city. All delightfully touristy. Best of all though are these pyjamas. Chic, no?

Written by Craig

July 26th, 2005 at 11:48 pm

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  1. Groovy.


    27 Jul 05 at 11:39

  2. Craig, as cute as you look in your PJs, when do we get to see your face?


    27 Jul 05 at 13:30

  3. Yeah, I was gonna say: now we’ve almost seen a picture of you…


    27 Jul 05 at 14:20

  4. I’m just a tease!


    27 Jul 05 at 14:29

  5. just heard it’s 38 degrees in NYC. hope there was a NY fan in that pack of yours…


    27 Jul 05 at 15:22

  6. It’s very very hot here. But thankfully there’s a huge cold front in the middle of the US coming New York’s way tomorrow.


    27 Jul 05 at 15:27

  7. Wow, I normally have to spring for dinner and a show before I get to see a guy’s pajamas.

    Flip Flop Flying? Or Flip Flop PORN?


    27 Jul 05 at 16:57

  8. just Flying hopefully.


    27 Jul 05 at 17:10

  9. So do you agree with what your PJs say?

    Thoroughly Amused

    27 Jul 05 at 18:24

  10. Oh yeah. Some sort of New York-y Berlin would be the perfect city, I think.


    27 Jul 05 at 18:49

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