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Slowing down

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I can feel myself slowing down. I’ve been working all day, then trying to make the most of each evening. I’ve developed a cough, sore throat and a bit of a stuffy nose. Last night, Friday night in New York City, I couldn’t face all the people around this part of the city, so I took the subway down to Battery Park, and had a nice walk along the edge of the water. (Quick question: is that where Rosanna Arquette fell over and bumped her head in Desperately Seeking Susan?) Past the war memorials, past a fellow quite opening urinating into a flower bed, past a Latin-ish band (apologies for my ignorance, but they could’ve been from anywhere south of the US for all I know) that were making people dance, past lots of dogs taking people for a tour of the trees, past rather swanky boats, past many many many sweaty joggers.

I was exhausted by the time I got back to the hotel. The only time I moved from the bed after that was to let room service in with my food. I lay there letting my feet calm down, watching the Yankees vs Angels game and a documentary about the Bee Gees on telly.

This morning, the nagging little bastard who lives in my brain woke me up early to remind me it was the weekend: do stuff! do stuff! do stuff!

So I went for another walk. A leisurely walk up 5th Avenue along the east side of Central Park to do the Metropolitan Museum Of Art and the Guggenheim. The Met was going well. I went straight up to the roof to see the Sol LeWitt exhibit, Splotches Whirls and Twirls, on the roof, which was wonderful, especially against the Central Park and Manhattan skyline background.

Some African and South American stuff, some Greek stuff, some lovely Gauguin paintings and other lovely paintings by people who’s names I forget, and what should’ve been exceedingly impressive Egyptian stuff.

But that was the point when I faded quickly: I’ve seen too much this last week. Even something as simple as walking to a deli around the corner is filling my eyes with juicy delights, so as I stood there staring at some hyroglyphics, I couldn’t appreciate it. It was just old stone with pictures on it.

I guess I should’ve just gone straight into the park at that point, but I didn’t. I was close to the Guggenheim, so I still went in, paid my money, checked my bag, walked up the slope to the top, let pictures and sculptures drift past my eyes, then took the elevator back down. There, Guggenheim ticked off list. But not enjoyed.

The park was good, though. I just slipped my headphones into my ears, turned up The Concretes album (an album that I’ve been enjoying more and more since I put it on my iPod Shuffle for this trip) and sat on a rock and watched people doing their thing.

But still the nagging little bastard is telling me stuff (“It’s Saturday afternoon in NYC, you fool! Why are you sat in your underwear in the hotel room watching Jerry Maguire on telly?”). I have a feeling he’ll win the argument. Unless my brain and feet gang up on him by getting a beer or two out of the minibar.

Written by Craig

July 30th, 2005 at 2:53 pm

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  1. I know the feeling… I went to Venice a while ago, and much though my conscience told me to ENJOY the fine renaissance art… I was more drawn to watching a man in a resteraunt lit by neon signs making pizza by hand.

    Its such an alien environment to be in, and you just want to take everything in and enjoy it… but its probably best to take a break now and then… from what I’ve been reading of the blog over the last few days, you have done and seen so much already!

    At the moment my father is on a ‘trip of lifetime’ visit to Canada, my boyfriend is on a month exchange thingy in Peru… everyone seems to be going places and doing exciting things at the moment!


    30 Jul 05 at 23:45

  2. Hey Sir!
    If you feel you can now enjoy things a little more, take a look at your hyroglyphics picture. There’s a smily right in the middle. ;)
    Or was it on purpose?


    31 Jul 05 at 11:31

  3. I’m afriad my hieroglyhics are a bit rusty… but it looks like some kind of offering/ceremonial inscription. The little men represent the ends of words or actions. The wiggly lines are N, mouths are R and some other cool things that I wont bore you with….

    Even if you if went here first its quite easy to be over awed by the sheer AMOUNT of stuff. My fav thing here is the Princesses Treasure fron Lahun. After the Egyptian overload we went and sat in a coffee shop for hours, people watching.

    Having said all that, you are doing a lot of siteseeing Craig, Im very impressed (makes me want to board a plane tomorrow!!) and I loved the PJ’s!! :-)


    31 Jul 05 at 16:17

  4. That never fails to happen to me after about a week…especially when you are also working! As much as I try to exert double the energy for the trip (equal parts work and getting to know new place) I inevitably hit a burnout point.

    From the blog, the amount of things you’ve seen/done in NY would be exhausting and warrant a lazy hotel day even if you weren’t working.

    Maybe you could make the trek to Central Park and have a lazy i-pod listening, good book reading day?

    Anyway, the pictures from the Met were great.


    31 Jul 05 at 16:21

  5. cyril-le: I didn’t notice that before!
    aertheria: you sound like you know your onions. well, I had a really relaxing evening, just falling asleep in front of the telly, so today i’ll go exploring again. Brooklyn, maybe.
    becki: thank you. it still amazes me that i’ve spent about 4 hours in the park walking round and I’ve still seen virtually none of it.


    31 Jul 05 at 16:55

  6. Hey, got a question that’s been tickling me for a while…
    Why do you so often mention your iPod Shuffle? Do you consider it as a travel companion, just as if it was Billly? Do you order two seats at the cinema, one for you, one for iPod? I can imagine a tete-à-tete dinner, Mr Shuffle sitting in front of you…
    The most convienient would certainly be about playing cards. Whose turn to shuffle?


    1 Aug 05 at 00:03

  7. Craig, yes I do know my onions…. years of study and I’m still a novice.

    If you havent already left, and you havent already seen it, the statue of Alice In Wonderland near the Met side of the park is worth a visit. Even if only to get your picture taken on the knee of one of the oversized charaacters!


    1 Aug 05 at 15:28

  8. Cyril-le: Erm, I really like my Shuffle, that’s why. It’s just totally handy and easy to use. Plus I can’t say Walkman cos that’s false, and personal stereo also sounds like a cassette-based thing. If I say iPod – which I know I have – it might give the impression that it’s one of the big ones. It’s not, it’s just my tiny lovely Shuffle.


    1 Aug 05 at 16:44

  9. :D ok!
    (as a french guy who doesn’t handle english a lot, I would say “music player”, or more simply “PPDMP”, Personal Portable Digital Music Player. Ok, just keep on sayin iPod.)


    2 Aug 05 at 23:12

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