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Take me to the ball game

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It just got hotter and hotter yesterday, then out of nowhere, the wind picked up, the heavens opened, and it was cool for a while. But that was just as I was on my way up to The Bronx to go and see the New York Yankees vs Minnesota Twins. I’m totally a novice when it comes to understanding how baseball works. Over the past week, I’ve seen snatches of it on TV and I’ve slowly worked out the basics.

Outside the stadium, it’s just like going to a football game. Loads of people milling around, drinking beer, folks selling merchandise, ticket touts touting tickets. Inside the stadium, I got a little bronze statuette of some old Yankees player that they were giving away to the first 18,000 spectators (which, after the game, were desperately sought by statuette-less children and parents). And then… the hot dogs and beer.

How different to going to a football match that was. People coming ’round every five minutes or so selling hot dogs, beer, cola, peanuts, candy floss… rather than “excuse me excuse me sorry excuse me sorry excuse me”-ing your way out to an aisle, then having to queue for ages to get a drink like what happens at a football match in Berlin.

So, the game’s about to begin. But first, of course, the national anthem which seems like a pretty popular song. Just like The Macarena or something. And it was sung very very passionately with a bit of vibrato by a finely moustachioed gent behind me.

And they’re off. And good Lord they throw that ball fast! 90-odd mph sometimes. And the batting chap is pretty close, so he doesn’t have much time to react.

The game itself was quite long (nearly four hours). The Twins were 1-0 up in the 3rd innings and it stayed that way for quite a while. Then in the 7th innings, they got three more. Yankees heading for defeat.

Out of nowhere, half way through the 7th innings, just before the Yankees were to bat, the game stopped, everyone got on their feet again and sang God Bless America. Cue quizzical look on my face.

Two more for the Twins in the 8th, but then the Yankees got three, making it a bit more interesting… but to no avail: another run the Twins and the game finished 7-3.

And after stopping to spend more money on merchandise, everyone traipsed back to the subway, but this guy still seemed happy after the defeat.

Considering I knew virtually fuck-all about the game, I really had a lot of fun there.
I wonder if they show baseball on German TV…

Finally, here’s a photo of a pitch invader being carted off by security and the police. He managed to get a good slide into second base before they caught him…

Written by Craig

July 28th, 2005 at 11:08 am

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  1. The 7th inning thing is called a seventh inning stretch. It’s just a little break for the teams…or so my husband says.

    I’m not a big baseball fan, but your post actually made it seem fun! Guess I’ve always had a bit of resentment toward it because I was such a god-awful t-ball player as a kid.


    28 Jul 05 at 17:47

  2. That sucks that they lost. I was actually at Dodger stadium in LA last night watching them get beat as well. Good times though, good times.

    Thoroughly Amused

    28 Jul 05 at 19:12

  3. teams losing somehow endears you more to them, though, huh?


    28 Jul 05 at 19:15

  4. Well, I’m a Yankees fan so yes. But I always route against the LA teams even though I live here, I just like seeing them lose. Born and raised in Vermont though, about 6 hours from where you are, so I’m all about the East Coast teams.

    Thoroughly Amused

    28 Jul 05 at 22:50

  5. I’m the same – I may live in Germany, but when it comes to sport, I’d rather see anyone win but them! But that’s just stupid old engrained football stuff spilling over, really.


    28 Jul 05 at 22:54

  6. Oh wow, I was at that game last nite!
    The game dragged on a bit and I ended up getting home pretty late, which means I’ve been yawning all day and trying very hard to keep my eyelids wipe open.


    29 Jul 05 at 02:02

  7. Were you the guy singing the national anthem behind me? Or the one to my right relentlessly banging an empty Poland Spring bottle on the railing?
    I was quite happy for the game to drag on, cos I got to see more more more.


    29 Jul 05 at 03:35

  8. Well, I’m sorry that you had to see a Yankees game. That’s like seeing Microsoft competeing against Apple, but at your game, Apple kicked ass. The Yankees have top $ players, and they’ve sucked all year. If you really want to root for the underdogs, go for the Milwaukee Brewers. You can subscribe to watch the games live at http://www.milwaukeebrewers.com.


    29 Jul 05 at 06:27

  9. It’s British thing isn’t it, rooting for the underdog?


    29 Jul 05 at 10:12

  10. Hm. Baseball sounds like cricket, but without the epic tactics and attrition.

    They bowl at 90mph in cricket too.


    29 Jul 05 at 10:59

  11. Bill – Yeh, I know… they’ve got some sort of strategic alliance with Manchester United too which should put me off. But, as someone who appreciates a good bit of design, the Yankees shirts are really very lovely.

    Tori – Oh yeh, we love that. If someone’s too successful we start to not like them.

    Paul – I was shit at cricket at school. Never had any interest in it. Still don’t. And probably never will especially when they wear those stupid looking clothes for some international matches.


    29 Jul 05 at 16:06

  12. In most stadiums they sing ‘Take me out to the ball game,’ but it was replaced in some ball parks after 11 Sept 2001.

    Speaking of baseball, do know that it’s played in Germany? I’ve just returned from a Bonn Capitals game. Not quite Major League (USA) baseball, but still a good day out.


    31 Jul 05 at 00:32

  13. i recently found out about that too. a friend goes to see Berlin Challengers occassionally.


    31 Jul 05 at 16:51

  14. I’ve just moved to near Alexandra Palace and I found out they have Ice Hockey games there! Go Lambeth Ice Kings!!


    1 Aug 05 at 11:49

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