Flip Flop Flying

Two photos

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Lovin’ an elevator (sorry, just couldn’t resist working that pun in there)

A self reviewing restaurant

Written by Craig

July 29th, 2005 at 9:50 pm

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  1. Catching up:

    a) You’re right about the politeness thing
    b) And Fox News
    c) The one thing I always forget about NY – the sore feet
    d) pah, that’s rubbish, they bowl the ball at 80-90mph in cricket too, AND they stand closer, AND the ball’s harder. And they cut the Aussie captain’s face open with it last week. Yay!


    29 Jul 05 at 16:25

  2. Eh up, Dave.
    The thing I just can’t appreciate about cricket is how a game can go on for a week or something. And any sport where they break for tea is pretty, y’know, nancy.


    29 Jul 05 at 16:29

  3. yeah but that’s what makes it so English. It can go on for five days and still be a draw, or you can watch it for four days and then it gets rained off.
    Stopping for tea is brilliant, they should do it in ice hockey


    29 Jul 05 at 17:22

  4. they shouldn’t even stop, they should just continue playing with tea.


    29 Jul 05 at 20:02

  5. the framley examiner’s cricket report:


    bit of old class


    31 Jul 05 at 05:50

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