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Unos dos tres dezoito

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Honestly, U2 were the perfect band to be going to see last night. Of course, there were moments during the day when I thought about maybe not being in the mood for a big rock concert. But in the end, what could I do? Sit and watch the same news over and over again all night; my shoulders gradually curling forward, getting more and more stressed. I wasn’t gonna do that.

Last night was going to be special for me, anyway. The first concert I went to, (aside from ones my parents had taken me too when I was a kid), was a U2 concert. That one was at Elland Road football stadium in Leeds, 18 years and 6 days before last night’s concert. That was a concert where I bought t-shirts and a programme, ran to the front and spent the show about 20 feet from the stage (mostly next to hot bloke in a leather coat), not drinking water or beer, not using the toilet, just excited to be at a live concert. Excited specifically to be seeing U2, a band who’s albums had begun to spend all their time at the front of my pile of records over the past couple of years. And it was great.

Last night was different. No running to the front, (I had a ticket for the seated area), nipping out while the band were on to use the loo and buy a beer.

It was a great night, aside from the crappy stadium acoustics.
(Concert improvements pt.4 – isn’t there some way to have some sort of surround sound thing going on in stadiums where they have more smaller speakers rather than just the massive ones at the front? Or would the sound delay just make that a swampy mess?)

It was brilliant to hear some of the earlier songs (I Will Follow, The Electric Co., Sunday Bloody Sunday), the stage set was amazing, and Bono is fantastic at being Bono.

I couldn’t decide which photos to show you, so I decided to show you loads of them. They are, as usual, crappy quality. I was too far away to get good close-ups, and I need a new camera.

Written by Craig

July 8th, 2005 at 10:35 am

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  1. I should clarify something. when I said “hot bloke in a leather coat,” I wasn’t referring to him as a hot, dishy, oh-so-sexy bloke; I meant that his jacket was making him hot.
    But, anyway, he was sooooooo dishy!


    8 Jul 05 at 15:37

  2. I went to see U2 at Twickenham last month and was completely prepared to hate it but to my surprise I ended up really loving it (friends of ours are huge fans and bought us tickets so that we could “share the day” with them. I don’t mind U2 but have no interest in huge stadium gigs where you’re either crushed at the front or watching a dot on the stage or a video screen in the distance).

    However, it was nothing compared to seeing Kraftwerk in Montreux on Monday.


    8 Jul 05 at 16:01

  3. C’mon. We know exactly what you meant with “hot”.

    I’m late with my pics. Damn.


    8 Jul 05 at 21:42

  4. well, i was 16…lost in a big crowd…


    8 Jul 05 at 22:34

  5. hi Craig

    I went to see Super Furry Animals last night in Somerset House, in the centre of Llundain. They too were a perfect band to see last night. A bit of easy revolution, a lot comforting and familiar. I was determined to have a good time, and sure enough I did. After what happened on Thursday (and as you said, a day spent watching the news, becoming increasingly more anxious), you just need to be with people you love, and last night was a great opportunity to do so. It was amazing to see so many people squashed into that smallish courtyard last night. I’ve never felt so relieved to be in such a large crowd. Oh, and we had quadrophonic sound! So everything sounded great, at least to these drunken ears.
    Nice U2 pics, by the way! That camera’s alright, innit?!

    Stuart, ex J17

    10 Jul 05 at 00:52

  6. Hiya, i’ve just found on the french yahoo news an “echo” to your concert story as U2 was in Paris tonight. I didn’t go. Many thanx pour les photos i love the “LOVE” one ;-)


    10 Jul 05 at 01:40

  7. I’m off to see U2 in 4 weeks time, down here in Nice. I am also apprehensive as to how good it’s going to be. It will be good, won’t it?

    George in Grasse

    10 Jul 05 at 06:16

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