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I keep a list of things that crop up that I think that I might want to write about. That list is quite long now, but most of the things are just one sentence observations or opinions, so today’s post is gonna be a bunch of those things.

1. Have you ever seen a good one man band? As a concept, I love one man bands. I’ve just never seen a good one.
2. Why is it that fancily designed bars or restaurants are always playing that insipid, lite, jazz-tinged house music?
3. I must cut down on beginning sentences with the word so.
4. And I must try and use punctuation correctly.
5. I wonder what a kimono would look like if it was designed in the style of a leather motorcycle jacket like something Barry Sheen would’ve worn.
6. I once saw a guy walking down the street with a ghetto blaster. He was listening to Mike Oldfield’s Crises album. I would never ever have imagined I’d see that in my life.
7. Are there any good podcasts out there? The only one I listen to is Chris T’s show, Communication Breakdown from the wonderful radio station WMFU. But I’ve yet to find any others I like. Suggestions?
8. There was an actress from a German soap opera who died recently. Oh, it’s a very sad tale. It was late at night and she stopped in her car to get a hedgehog off the street so it didn’t die. A car coming in the other direction didn’t see her because of the full beam lights of her car and killed her. It breaks my heart.
9. I’m kinda getting addicted to the random page thing on Wikipedia. You know those moments when you’re sat in front of your computer and you dunno what to do? This is what I do. Find out that SRCP is someting to do with model railways; that space marines are fictional soldiers; that Thomas Roe was an English diplomat of the Elizaveth and Jacobean periods; and that Phi is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet.
10. I’ve recently finished reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. It’s a great book, I’d heartily recommend it. If you plan to read it, make sure you don’t read the last two or three pages before you get to the end as there’s some stuff about the fates of all the main people in the book. If you’re enjoying the book and getting close to the end and want to find out more about some of the main characters, skip those pages at the end of the book and go buy the follow-up, My Friend Leonard and read that. It’s another great book, but knowing what happens becuase of the end pages of A Million Little Pieces takes away some of the surprises.

So, (aaarrrgh!), that’s it for today.
Tomorrow’s post will be about the number 300,000.
Yes it will.

Written by Craig

July 5th, 2005 at 12:59 pm

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  1. This is actually a good one man band.


    5 Jul 05 at 14:17

  2. oh, not just one.
    i know another one:
    David Thomas Broughton. He’s working with a loop machine. I’ve seen him live, it makes you speechless.



    5 Jul 05 at 14:31

  3. About No. 5. If a kimono was designed in the style of a leather motorcycle jacket like something Barry Sheen would’ve worn, wouldn’t it then be a leather motorcycle jacket like something Barry Sheen would’ve worn?


    5 Jul 05 at 15:13

  4. Good Lord, that McRorie bloke seems fantastic!

    I think I didn’t explain myself so well with the leather kimono. I meant a kimono not decorated as a normal kimono, but decorated with the kind of thing you’d find on Barry Sheen’s leather jackets.


    5 Jul 05 at 15:24

  5. Beck?


    5 Jul 05 at 15:28

  6. Does he do stuff like that, with instruments all strapped to himself?
    Am I alone in thinking that Beck sounds like he’s singing with cotton wool in his mouth sometimes?


    5 Jul 05 at 15:33

  7. “Tomorrow’s post will be about the number 300,000.”

    Oooh, mystery! The plot thickens here on flipflipflyinG.


    5 Jul 05 at 15:51

  8. One man band, Kid Koala, a master on the turn tables. I’ve seen him work five decks at once, amazing!

    Petie Pie

    5 Jul 05 at 19:54

  9. The dictionary I have describes a one-man band as an entertainer who plays many instruments at the same time.
    This Koala fellow you speak of seems to be a disc jockey, not a one-man band.


    5 Jul 05 at 20:18

  10. one-man bands that are quite good:
    A Hawk And A Hawsaw
    The Lonesome Organist
    Phillip Roebuck
    and, not quite a traditional one-man band but Jon Brion’s weekly live shows in LA are generally just him, building up a song using loop pedals (much better than it sounds).

    As for punctuation, The Oxford Style Manual and The Elements Of Typographic Style are both good sources of information—and you’ll learn all about diacritics and what an octothorp is (you probably already know).

    Luigi Castigliane


    6 Jul 05 at 01:20

  11. dosh is another great one man band



    6 Jul 05 at 13:18

  12. yes, i saw Beck that way. Was great. Though he had Roland his sound machine with him. Does that still count then?


    6 Jul 05 at 13:19

  13. Not neccesarily a one man band in the strictest sense but whenever i’ve seen http://www.jonahmatranga.com/ perform as onelinedrawing it’s always just been him, a guitar and various sequencers. And a toy R2D2 for bleepy noises.

    Doesn’t Bobby Conn perform solo too with the same kind of setup?


    6 Jul 05 at 14:16

  14. You’ve really done it now, you rascal! Just at the moment I was looking to fill a few moments at work at the tax-payers’ expense, you go and point me in the direction of Wikipedia – I can see why you get hooked. It could even replace eBay for curiosity factor. Anyway, first random visit brings up the delight of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, and coincidentally enough, they have a museum but with NO PEPPLES! What they do have is 1000 (yes 1000)pieces of agricultural equipment amongst other things. Now, although not being any where near the haunting 300,000 can I suggest you spend that drifting time trying to work out what they might be, or even why…….????? I recommend looking up this place because there must be SO much material there to stimulate silliness.


    6 Jul 05 at 15:05

  15. Craig, number 7. Check out http://www.kcrw.com for good podcasts. Also check out there music page for really good streaming radio music shows.

    Thoroughly Amused

    11 Jul 05 at 18:30

  16. You might like BBC 6 Music which you can listen to online via the beeb website. Its indie oriented but with lots of other stuff, like they replay old Peel sessions. You can download shows for a week (I think?) after they’re broadcast. Not quite podcasting, but a good mix of guitar stuff, bits of ska, old funk, etc….


    13 Jul 05 at 18:06

  17. I Alone is a one man band


    25 Feb 08 at 01:01

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